Book Launch: Dan Wiklund

Dan Wiklund (Diploma of Tropical Medicine, 2006) is the Board Director of Health Teams International and Clinical Professor of Medicine at University Washington in Seattle. Here, he tells us about his book launch, Tapestry of Humanity.
Book cover

“The highlight of LSHTM for me was the 75 classmates from 30 countries! Several classmates have joined me in Africa for medical work since graduating.

“My biggest achievement has been conducting 36 medical outreaches in countries such as Cameroon, Niger, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Mongolia, and China. I have also been teaching tropical dermatology for 20 years at University Washington, which I am proud of.

“I was inspired to write Tapestry of Humanity as a way to share my photography from my world travels. It includes 80 different countries, associating global health statistics with readers. This book is a call to action, a plea to the reader’s conscience. The horrors that exist in the global health community are each and every one of our personal responsibilities. Hopefully, these portraits will find a spot in people’s hearts and souls to encourage them to make a change in the world that we share with many so less fortunate. This photo journey is a description of people groups from my work as a missionary doctor and traveller. I have been doing photography since my teenage years; had my own darkroom; taken many professional photography courses; entered and won some photo contests; even had one of my photos chosen for the LSHTM Alumni magazine cover. The photography in this book was taken by me and with the consent of the person or groups. I have also included a few personal stories of my work.

“In the future, I hope to bring not just medical doctors and nurses but also bring more dentists, opticians and physical therapists with us to remote village work in Myanmar, Nepal, Niger and Cameroon.”

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