Alumni Profile: Sourav Neogi

Sourav Neogi (MSc Public Health, 2019) works as a State Innovation Officer for the Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI). Here, he shares his career prior to and after LSHTM, what he hopes to achieve in the future and his work on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in India.
Sourav Neogi outside LSHTM Keppel Street with class

Why did you decide to study at LSHTM?

I was always keen to study at LSHTM because of its rich past and brand value. I had discussions with several LSHTM alumni and everyone highly recommended the School which motivated me further.

How has your degree at LSHTM complemented your career?

The course helped me to hone my skills and understanding of public health research. In my current role I commission studies and draft strategy documents on behalf of the state. I feel more confident about my responsibilities after completing the LSHTM course.

Were the relationships you formed at LSHTM useful – in what way?

LSHTM is a world-renowned public health teaching research institution; LSHTM’s research and alumni are present across the globe. The relationships you build in the school are lifelong. You can always reach out to the School or an alumnus if you need any support during your professional journey. I recently attended the Indian Alumni Chapter meeting which was organised by the alumni committee. 

Please summarise your achievements over the years and how you feel about them?

I have had a 14 year-long professional career with many ups and downs; however, my focus was always on learning new things and contributing in the public health space. I’ve had opportunities to work in various settings and often in challenging environments which shaped my character and attitude towards the public health field. Public Health is dynamic and often puts you in challenging situations; learning is a constant factor. Working with a tribal population in a remote corner of India allowed me to experience how people lead their life in a humble manner, even in the most difficult environment. Supporting people without changing the ecosystem around them was one of my biggest learnings.

Studying at LSHTM (after working in the sector for more than 12 years) has been my personal achievement as I always aspired to study in the School. The knowledge I acquired helped me to be more vigilant and more logical with my thoughts and actions.

How has COVID-19 affected your work?

My work revolves around COVID-19. Me and my team support the government towards an effective vaccine rollout. We ensure the Indian government guidelines are implemented when it comes to vaccine delivery. The support starts from planning for the session sites, registration of beneficiaries, support in forming adverse events following immunisation committees, training staff members on various protocols, spot monitoring and, last but not least, documentation. A state-level task force is present which meets every day to discuss the pending activities and take stock of the current situation, as I am part of the task force my typical day starts with this meeting.

What do you hope to further achieve in your field in the future?

Being an environmental enthusiast, and as evidence suggests, future public health work will be driven by the impact of climate change; I would be keen to work in this area.

What advice do you have for current students?

You may find it difficult at certain stages of the course but if you put forward your best effort and commit to your studies, you will excel and the School will always support you positively.

One should treat this opportunity as a once in a lifetime chance. LSHTM provides constant learning prospects to each and every student, you need to be vigilant and up to date all the time.

Do you have any stand out memories from LSHTM?

Our group got the first prize in one of the presentations of the “environment, health, and sustainability” module and we got a chocolate box as a gift.

Sourav Neogi and class with a box of chocolates

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