Alumni Profile: Norris Lau

Norris Lau (MSc Medical Microbiology, 2016) is working as an Associate Medical Laboratory Technologist at the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital. We caught up with Norris to hear about her current role in Hong Kong, how COVID-19 has affected her work, her best memories of LSHTM, and her advice for current students.
Norris Lau and her dog dressed in graduation gowns and hats

“Throughout my MSc I was trained in both the traditional and new technologies of microbiology, giving me a broad knowledge of the field. There were many more practical modules in the course at LSHTM when compared to similar courses at other universities. This practical experience has been hugely beneficial to my career and was the reason I chose the School. 

“Although I learnt basic molecular during the course, I chose to focus more on the clinical rather than the molecular. Since COVID-19, I've had the opportunity to explore more in this field, which I believe is my most significant achievement to date. I’ve been kept much busier at work since the pandemic, as more patients come in for screening before we admit them to hospital. 

“In the future, I hope to focus more on the area of parasitology and mycology, which is difficult to do in Hong Kong, especially in a private hospital. One day I would like to come back to the UK to work in microbiology and further my knowledge. 

“My best memories of LSHTM were in the beautiful library where I spent most of my time preparing for lectures and exams. I also miss the practical laboratories. I still keep in contact with my classmates, usually via WhatsApp and Facebook, and speak to my tutor time-to-time. Although we are all in different countries, we can still connect easily over the internet.

"My advice to current students is to really enjoy your time at LSHTM, and to work hard. It is the best university I have attended, and trust me, you will really miss it when it’s over."


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