Alumni Profile: Fahrin Andiwijaya

Fahrin Andiwijaya is a current MSc Public Health student at LSHTM and a medical doctor. He is one of 15 alumni, students and staff running the London Landmarks Half Marathon (LLHM) for LSHTM’s COVID-19 Response Fund. We asked him why he decided to run the LLHM, how COVID-19 has affected him and why he wants to raise funds.
Fahrin Andiwijaya

“I decided to run the LLHM to experience running across London, plus running for a good cause has always been my dream. Since the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, I have kept trying to find ways to help out as much as I can. Now, it’s by running and fundraising! My training plan is to get my endurance level back up, having a good feeling about the weather, pace training, and maintaining a balanced diet.

“I want to run for LSHTM as I believe the School has given me so much in terms of knowledge and opportunity, and now it’s time to give back by promoting such a good cause. LSHTM is a leading global health institution, playing a vital role in the COVID-19 response, from actively helping out on the front line, researching vaccines, tackling mental health, health disparities assessment, and many more, with the main aim to improve health worldwide!

“COVID-19 has affected my life majorly. At the start of the pandemic, I was at the start of my career as a doctor. I saw how my hospital and colleagues were overwhelmed by the pandemic. However, there is much to learn from this pandemic, like cooperation not just inside the health sector, but wider determinants are also very important. I believe the COVID-19 Response Fund is a very good cause with the ability to help shape the course of the pandemic and address its wider impacts.

“To raise money, I have been promoting the run and the School’s response through social media and organisations that I am a member of. If you can, please consider donating; any amount would have a meaningful impact.”

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