Community Fundraising: What to do in times of COVID-19

In recent months, our community of fundraisers have started to think outside the box showing innovative ways to support LSHTM’s important work. They have been raising funds to support LSHTM’s mission to improve global health equity, preparing the future leaders to face unprecedented challenges like coronavirus.
Sally holding Foggy the toy dog

Would you like to do something to help LSHTM tackle COVID-19? From sponsored book readings to virtual marathons, there are many options you can take part in! Recently, to honour a former LSHTM student’s birthday several family members made a donation in the former student’s name to support LSHTM’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Why not ask your friends and family to support LSHTM’s work by setting up a JustGiving page and help us fight the virus together.

Coronavirus has held back many of our face-to-face events but our supporters are determined to continue their hard work raising funds, like Sally Callow. Since 2014, Foggy the dog – a soft toy inspired by Sally’s real dog Patch who sadly passed away in 2017, has been travelling all over the world helping to raise funds for ME/CFS research.

Last year, Sally chose to raise funds for CureME – the UK’s first ME/CFS biobank based at LSHTM. Foggy the dog travelled an impressive 223,540 miles and raised over £1,800 to support CureME’s important research, despite having to end his adventure two months earlier than expected, due to coronavirus. Foggy had travelled around the globe including the Caribbean, Germany and Latvia before his fundraising tour came to an end.

Sally (pictured with Foggy) will celebrate her 44th birthday on 13 October and has chosen to ask for donations to mark the occasion. You can support Sally and LSHTM’s important work by making a gift today.

If you would like to raise funds for us, please get in touch by emailing With your help, we can amplify our voice, support global response efforts and help to save lives around the world.