Student testimonial | Sandy Lu

Sandy Lu

Sandy Lu, Canada
MSc Public Health by distance learning

"I am currently a Pharmacist in Vancouver. I help the marginalised population in the inner city, mostly homeless people and those who have challenges accessing traditional health services.

I work with an interdisciplinary team that specialises in addiction, mental health, and preventing the spread of communicable diseases such as TB, HIV, STDs and hepatitis.

I chose LSHTM because it is known for its public health programmes and its globalised teaching approach.

“The experience you have through coming here is is truly a once in a lifetime experience!”

Teaching staff and students come from all over the world and they bring a wealth of knowledge to the courses. The opportunity to come to the LSHTM to study a module (blended learning) was also a major factor in choosing which public health school was best for me.

The curriculum that the School offers matches my interest in health promotion and infectious diseases, and the distance-learning option allows me the flexibility to work while I study; the perfect opportunity to apply the knowledge I am learning into my practice. I also like the flexibility of doing things online, I get the freedom to plan my time.

Seeing testimonials from other students on the website helped settle my uncertainty – I was reassured that most students have a good work/life/school balance. Some of them have full-time jobs but are still able to complete the programme in two to five years’ time.

I chose the Public Health General Stream because this course offered me the most diversity. Aside from the core modules that are required, there are electives which will be useful for my work in the future, for example Sexual Health.


“The distance learning option allows me the flexibility to work while I study; the perfect opportunity to apply the knowledge I am learning into my practice!

I have enjoyed learning about health issues and policies in various countries from my classmates from all over the world. Because I live in Canada, I have been primarily exposed to public health issues in mid or high-income countries. It wasn’t until I started my programme that I gradually picked up on wider global health issues.

This course will help me gain insight into the prevention and management of disease outbreaks within the community that I work with. I hope to use this knowledge and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide better care, in terms of addressing some of the public health issues we face on a day to day basis such as health equity.

Blended learning is something I would recommend that all students consider. The experience you have through coming here is invaluable. I am learning so much about myself and also from my fellow classmates and I get to live in a beautiful city with so much culture and history.

It is truly a once in a lifetime experience!"

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