Scott Tytheridge

Scott Tytheridge

Alumni | Full-time | United Kingdom

MSc Medical Entomology for Disease Control

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Scott Tytheridge

Educational/professional background

 BSc Zoology at the University of Reading (2012-2015).

What I enjoyed most about studying at LSHTM

I would have to narrow it down to three things:

  • Feeling part of a community, and the networks that one is able to develop. This extends to even now whilst I work in the Department of Disease Control at LSHTM.
  • The UK field trip to Slapton which happens around Easter time. That was a great bonding experience and we learnt a lot about designing and running a field project in medical entomology.
  • learning the skills and knowledge of medical parasitology in the first term. We learnt a lot about diagnosing malaria from thin and thick blood films, parasite infections in faecal and tissue samples. Having Claire Rogers as the lead educator was fantastic.

Since graduating I have been...

Working as a laboratory demonstrator for the practical parasitology components at LSHTM, worked on numerous projects at the Arthropod Control Product Test Centre (ARCTEC) as a research assistant and assistant trial manager. I currently work as a research assistant at LSHTM studying the genetic components of host attraction to Anopheles mosquitoes, and designing personal protective tools against Aedes mosquitoes. These projects are Medical Research Council and EU Horizon-funded projects, respectively.

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