Sammer Tang

Alumni | Full-time | United Kingdom, Hong Kong

MSc Public Health – General stream

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Sammer Tang

Educational/professional background

I am an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Consultant Paramedic in the UK. I have been working in various clinical and managerial roles in the National Health Service in England. I developed a great interest in public health during my secondment at Public Health England. In 2019, I have joined the UK Faculty of Public Health (FPH) speciality training programme.

What I enjoyed most about studying at LSHTM

Meeting students from all over the world and being part of the global health community. This enabled us to learn from the unique experiences that we brought with us and we have developed some life-long friendships.

I also enjoyed the wide range of compulsory and recommended modules offered in MSc Public Health at LSHTM. This allowed me to tailor my choices to address my personal learning needs identified in my previous roles. This will enable me to gain a broader understanding of the other domains of public health and developed into an all-round public health specialist.

Since graduating I have been...

I passed the Faculty of Public Health Diplomate Examination (DFPH) in November 2020 and continued my role as a public health registrar in the UK Faculty of Public Health (FPH) Public Health Specialty Training Programme.

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