Cassandra Bolanle Akinde

Cassandra Bolanle Akinde

Student | Nigeria, Colombia

MSc Tropical Medicine & International Health

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Cassandra Akinde

Educational/professional background

I am a medical practitioner who has worked in Nigeria for the past 4 years with proven track record and demonstrated expertise in preventive medicine, public health advocacy, Sustainable Development Goals and  digital healthcare systems. I have also been involved in developing initiatives to improve access and equity to health care across marginalised populations and children living in underserved communities.

Research interests or career goals

My academic research interests include vaccine preventable communicable diseases, neglected tropical diseases , viral hemorrhagic fevers, planetary health, maternal and child health and epidemic preparedness and response.

My short term career goal is to design programs and manage projects that seeks to create more awareness of tropical and global health issues, inspire more medical doctors to be trained by building their capacity and strengthen health systems at the community and subsequently national level.

My long term goal is to become a globally renowned Clinical Specialist in the field of Communicable Diseases working with the World Health Organization and leveraging my field experience,expertise and skills to save lives and improve global health.

Why I chose LSHTM/my course

I chose LSHTM  because it has a long history of research based evidence for tropical medicine and global health starting from basic principles and all the way through evaluating health innovation at every stage. As a clinician, I was interested in my course because I wanted to build up my knowledge, network, expertise and skills to successfully practice medicine in low- and middle-income countries.

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