Cassandra Bolanle Akinde

Cassandra Bolanle Akinde

Alumni | Full-time | Nigeria, Colombia

MSc Tropical Medicine & International Health

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Cassandra Akinde

Educational/professional background

I am a medical practitioner who has worked in Nigeria with a proven track record and demonstrated expertise in preventive medicine, public health advocacy, Sustainable Development Goals and digital healthcare systems. I have also been involved in developing initiatives to improve access and equity to health care across marginalised populations and children living in under-served communities.

What I enjoyed most about studying at LSHTM

I had an incredible time at LSHTM. I enjoyed forming vital professional networks and personal relationships with my TMIH classmates, schoolmates, alumni and professors. I am glad to have invested myself fully into building my capacity as a global health advocate and acquiring expertise and foundational knowledge to combat health inequities globally. My favourite memories would be attending global health lectures where I got the chance to meet and engage seasoned field experts.

Since graduating I have been...

I took a well-deserved break to evaluate my career goals and plan strategically to accomplish them. I am currently conceptualizing and developing initiatives to improve access and equity to essential health care services among children living in under-served communities in Nigeria. I am also working with Polygeia as a researcher on a project called: 'Restoring public trust in vaccines: The role of government and healthcare providers.'

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