Understanding the transition period into sex work and service access gaps among young women who sell sex, and its implications for HIV programming

This is the first webinar part of the Measurement & Surveillance of HIV Epidemics Consortium webinar series: Strengthening routine HIV data: A female researcher’s perspective. Through a series of webinars running from August to November, participants will discover the perspective and work of brilliant women in the HIV field.  

For this event, speakers will discuss their contributions to the field of routine HIV data through the Transitions research study looking at HIV risk and vulnerability among young women who sell sex in Mombasa, Kenya. 


Parinita Bharracharjee, Institute of Global Public Health, University of Manitoba, Canada 

Parinita currently works as an Assistant Professor and Director for Programme Delivery in the Institute of Global Public Health, University of Manitoba, Canada. With 17 years of professional experience in the social development sector ranging from HIV and AIDS to sexual/reproductive health and disability, she is now working on HIV prevention and structural drivers of HIV in Kenya.  

Dr Marissa Becker, University of Manitoba 

Marissa is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Global Public Health at the University of Manitoba and Associate Director of the Manitoba HIV Program. Her research interest is in understanding HIV risk, vulnerability and outcomes among vulnerable populations globally and in Canada and she uses a Program Science framework to address her research. She has a particular focus on women living with HIV and the prevention of HIV among young women.  

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