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Turning 'evidence for development' on its head

In an era of decoloniality, post-‘development’, and antipatriarchy, the evidence-based movement in the North is failing to move with the times and as a result is outdated and risks being ineffective. Living and working in the global South, the speaker discuss her experiences of a world in which innovation in evidence-informed decision-making and its related methodologies are necessary, routine and inspirational, and yet they are largely ignored by the global North. Whilst resource-poor, and not well publicised, the evidence community across Africa is world-leading in a number of respects.

This lecture is a call to arms for all those who want to ensure that better evidence leads to better decisions and to better futures for those living in resource poor environments. It proposes a new lens through which to view ‘evidence for development’. It celebrates the successes of Southern evidence communities, achieved largely in spite of, and not because of, Northern good intentions. 

About the speaker

Prof Ruth Stewart is  Director of the University of Johannesburg’s Africa Centre for Evidence and chairperson of the Africa Evidence Network. Having grown up in Malawi, she has been working in South Africa since 1998. She has a background in social sciences, and has worked across academia and government. Her work includes the production of evidence for decision-makers, as well as supporting civil servants to access and make sense of research.


This session will be live-streamed/recorded - accessible to both internal and external audience. 

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