Promoting innovation in London and beyond

Speaker(s): Professor Charlie Davie, Managing Director of UCLPartners and a practising Consultant Neurologist at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

There is an ongoing challenge to improve health outcomes in the UK and indeed globally at individual and population levels. This however is matched by a need to introduce significant cost savings across healthcare systems. An important solution to both of these needs is harnessing innovation from entrepreneurs from within the health system and working with SMEs and industry to  develop, evaluate and integrate their ideas and products within health and social care settings which can then be diffused nationally and internationally.

At the present time there is no reliable and easily accessible pathway to meet these goals. Furthermore there is no easy way to share learning from health or industry partners about the barriers to development and diffusion and no identifiable space for patients and the public to learn about or be involved in  the development, adoption and spread of innovation. This leads to missed opportunities to improve health, health and social care and value. This seminar will highlight a number of the challenges and discuss examples where progress is being made at a policy and implementation level. e.g. To mark the 16 days of Activism Against Violence Against Women, we are hosting a seminar to explore patterns and predictors of violence, and what we can do to prevent it, across different stages of the life course. This workshop will discuss studies being proposed in Southern Africa.

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