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The Missing Billion: Adventures in Disability and Global Health

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There are at least one billion people with disabilities worldwide, and this number is rising with population growth and ageing. In her inaugural lecture, Prof Hannah Kuper reflects on her career in global health, researching a range of potentially disabling conditions in different corners of the world, including Zika, trachoma, HIV, cataract and hearing loss.

Her research shows that disability has a large impact, increasing vulnerability to violence, poor mental health and poverty. Disabled people also often have difficulties in accessing healthcare services. This is an important issue as the world is now aiming for Universal Health Coverage, and disabled people should not be left behind in this process.

She will end the talk by considering how healthcare access can be improved, for instance through innovative Smartphone solutions, and what the future may hold for global health research on disability.


About the speaker

Prof Hannah Kuper

Prof Hannah Kuper (MSc, ScD) is an epidemiologist with extensive global health experience. Her doctorate from Harvard University focussed on the epidemiology of cancer. She has been at LSHTM since 2002, where she first researched trachoma and cataract within the International Centre for Eye Health. In 2010, she co-founded the International Centre for Evidence in Disability, of which she is Director. She co-directs the DFID-funded PENDA programme, which aims to improve the evidence base on Disability Inclusive Development. She is also focussing on the Missing Billion Initiative, to improve access to healthcare for people with disabilities.


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