Meningitis and Septicaemia in Children and Adults 2017

Meningitis Research Foundation’s eleventh conference will bring together internationally renowned experts from a range of specialties in the UK and abroad to address the most important issues of the day, including burden of illness, recognition and treatment, vaccine development, vaccine implementation and public health policy.

Attracting delegates from around the world, this conference is a key event in the calendar for some of the foremost scientists and clinicians and provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest developments within the field.

The confirmed speakers and steering committee are: 

  • Prof Ray Borrow 
  • Prof Ian Feavers
  • Prof Adam Finn
  • Prof Sir Brian Greenwood
  • Prof George Griffin 
  • Prof Paul Heath
  • Prof Robert Heyderman
  • Prof Nigel Klein
  • Dr Simon Nadel
  • Dr Mary Ramsay
  • Prof James Stuart
  • Dr Matthew Snape
  • Prof Christoph Tang
  • Dr Caroline Trotter
  • Linda Glennie
  • Dr Hannah Christensen
  • Helen Campbell
  • Prof Richard Malley
  • Prof David Stephens
  • Prof Kim Mullholland
  • Dr Marc Laforce
  • Dr Kirsty Le Doare
  • Dr Jethro Herberg
  • Prof David Goldblatt
  • Dr Shamez Ladhani
  • Prof Helen Marshall
  • Dr Stephanie Lo
  • Dr Marie Pierre Preziosi
  • Dr Olivier Ronveaux
  • Dr Sema Mandal
  • Dr Janine Paynter
  • Prof Rosanna Peeling
  • Prof Ziad Memish
  • Dr Claire Cameron
  • Dr Xin Wang
  • Dr Philip Monk.


Please follow the link below for more information and to register for the event


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