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Malaria Centre: Spotlight on…Immunity & Vaccines

For the first in the series, we focus on immunity and vaccines, welcoming Dr Faith Among’in Osier, Dr Will Stone, and two representatives from Sanaria.



“Fc-dependent IgG parasite clearance to guide vaccine development against P. falciparum malaria”

Dr Faith Hope Among’in Osier (Professor of Immunology, Centre for Infectious Diseases, Heidelberg University Hospital and Group Leader, Malaria Vaccine Development, KEMRI – Wellcome Trust)


“Malaria transmission blocking immunity: Learning from naturally acquired immune responses to Plasmodium gametocytes”

Dr William Stone (Research Fellow, Department of Infection Biology, LSHTM)


Double Talk: “PfSPZ Vaccines: from Discovery to Pre-Licensure”

Dr Peter Billingsley (Vice President, International Projects and Strategy, Sanaria)

Dr Said Jongo (Ifakara Health Institute and Bioko Island Malaria Elimination Project)

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