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We are delighted to launch the inaugural London Model World Health Organisation Simulation.

The 2017 Conference invites participants from multiple disciplines to debate and develop policy within the field of global health, turning their multiple skills of journalism, medicine, law, international development, and public health into this year’s theme of “Global Mental Health”. We anticipate our selected delegates will make international connections, both socially and academically, by taking part in this exciting, 3-day simulation, based in the beautiful city of London amongst the rich public health history of LSHTM’s Keppel Street location. Whether you are brand new to the concept of health policy or a seasoned researcher/policy-maker, we encourage all to apply for what is sure to be the start of a tradition of stimulating conversation and the creation sustainable policies for years to come. We are thrilled that Global Mental Health Expert and Public Health Specialist, Dorcas Gwata will be delivering our opening keynote speech on Friday 20 October.

• What is Model WHO?

Model WHO conferences are educational simulations in which participants recreate the process of the annual World Health Assembly as held in the WHO Geneva Headquarters. The focus lies in addressing global health issues at the local, national, and international levels. Participants select from several different roles including WHO Ambassadors, Media Representative, NGO Representative, Pharmaceutical Representative, or an Assembly Moderator (Dais). During the course of the conference, participants participate in regional debate sessions to the conference theme in relation to its impact on their representative roles. Once similarities are realised, participants are able to collaborate in the creation of a resolution paper, a formal document that suggests the methods by which to address these concerns. Following presentation of and voting on these regional resolutions to the full assembly in Plenary, the final documents are submitted to the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland to demonstrate the creative capacity of the next generation of global health leaders. 

• What is the purpose of LonWHO?

The purpose of the LonWHO Organization is to encourage attendance to Model WHO simulation conferences, promote student involvement in global health initiatives and campaigns across their respective campuses, and to provide a foundation for a future career in global health.

The LonWHO secretariat will be responsible for organizing the inaugural London Model World Health Organization Simulation 2017 on the theme of Global Mental Heath. The Co-Founders of this organization, Brian Wong (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) and Claire Brash (Imperial College London School of Medicine) look forward to hosting this event and encourage all to apply regardless of experience for what will be the perfect introduction to Model WHO.

• What to expect?

Model WHO conferences are typically 3-day conferences which draw students from a variety of educational levels and disciplines. In addition to attending assembly debate sessions, students will participate in workshops to develop skills related to policy and diplomacy as well as hearing from experienced keynote speakers.

Social nights are also organized by conference secretariat to provide a platform for delegates to form a network of international friendships. All will leave with a strengthened confidence, critical thinking, and public speaking skills.

The 3-day schedule can be found attached. Delegate rates to include attendance at the 3-day conference, conference materials and hot and cold drinks. Delegates are expected to attend for the full 3 days. Unfortunately we are not in a position to be able to offer any refunds.







Registration is required.



We invite you to e-mail us at or contact us via this page should you have further questions.