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Journey into sub-Saharan Africa HIV co-infections, TB and CMV

Dr Matthew Bates will deliver this talk entitled 'Journey into sub-Saharan Africa HIV co -infections, TB and CMV'.

Why do high infectious disease mortality rates persist in urban sub-Saharan Africa? Well established national programmes backed by the major international donors provide close-to-free-at-point-of-care diagnostic and treatment services for HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are cheap and available... excessively so... and cheap and reliable diagnostic and treatment options are available for the main fungal and parasitic infections. Insufficient access or uptake of these services certainly still accounts for a significant proportion of mortalities, particularly home deaths, but most urban infectious disease deaths occur at hospitals. Our autopsy studies have shown that bacterial or viral pneumonia and Tuberculosis are the leading infectious causes of both adult and childhood hospital deaths, illuminating the need for radical new rapid diagnostic approaches that can tackle complex co-infections and accurately determine etiology, getting patients into appropriate therapy in a timely manner to save lives.


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