Democratizing the Global Development Agenda: The People's Fund for Global Health and Development

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External financial assistance for health and development work in lower income countries is frequently criticized for being inefficient and ineffective. Among other factors, this is considered due to funds never leaving donor countries, high costs associated with the use of donor country staff and materials, low partner country buy-in caused by vertical program implementation and lack of inclusion of and accountability towards partner country populations.  In addition, the funding allocation decision-making processes can be opaque, have ill-defined prioritization criteria, and may often be determined by donor country interests over partner country needs.

The People's Fund for Global Health and Development is an innovative new non-profit organization that seeks to address some of these concerns. The organization was founded two years ago on the belief that development work starts and ends with the interests of partner country communities, not the donor.  Our aim is to create the world's most transparent, democratic and locally accountable development fund by using a funding model based on community participatory decision-making, community-level needs assessments and member-participatory technical assessment of projects.  We seek to fund our first project in Cameroon in 2019.

Please bring your lunch and join us for a presentation of the organization and how you can get involved.

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Frederik Federspiel, MD, MPH, founder & chairman, and Penelope Milsom, MBChB, MPH, vice-chairwoman of The People's Fund. Both Frederik and Penelope are PhD Students in Public Health and Policy at LSHTM.



Free and open to all. Entry is on a first come, first serve basis.