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The Contribution of Genomics to EBV Infection in a Ugandan Population

Neneh Sallah will deliver this talk entitled 'The Contribution of Genomics to EBV Infection in a Ugandan Population'.

Globally, 95% of the adult population are infected with Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), a common human herpesvirus. While infection is lifelong and generally asymptomatic, EBV is associated with about 200,000 new cases of cancer and more than 140,000 deaths annually.  While the virus has been extensively studied, how host genetic variation influences EBV and other infectious disease traits largely unknown, particularly in Africa where the burden of disease is high. Genome-wide association studies have been successful in identifying the contribution of genomic variation to complex traits particularly in populations of European ancestry. Thus, the ability to expand such studies in African populations with relevant datasets to capture genetic diversity is invaluable for the discovery of novel insights.