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Competition, Cooperation, and Health Care Policy: Lessons from U.S. Experience

Professor Joe White will deliver this talk entitled 'Competition, Cooperation, and Health Care Policy: Lessons from U.S. Experience'.


"Competition" and "Cooperation" on their face are opposing themes in health care reform, because competition is not usually viewed as a cooperative relationship.  Yet some reform themes presume a virtuous mix of the two.  "Managed competition" and its heirs, for instance, assume cooperation through integrated delivery systems will improve value.  Then competition will force continued improvement among competing HMOs, ACOs, or whatever.  As a font of innovation if not achievement, the U.S. has travelled further down the roads of at least market competition, managerial "cooperation" and their attempted synthesis than most other countries.  Joe will reflect on the difficulties revealed.  These range from information problems that are not accommodated by either cooperative or competitive theories, to the incentives for cheating in competition and the power relationships in cooperation.


Joe White is a political scientist whose research focuses on public policy, especially public budgeting and health care finance.  He moved into the latter as an extension of his work on U.S. federal budgeting, and used comparative analysis to illuminate U.S. policy dilemmas (or, more simply, bad choices).  Much of his work challenges optimistic views of human cognitive capacity or simple views of the effects of incentives, and he views the behaviour of experts as part of politics.  Joe has served on the Councils of the American Political Science Association sections on Public Policy and on Health Politics and Policy, and currently edits the "Beneath the Surface" section of the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law.

The Faculty of Public Health and Policy Seminar Series provide a forum for presenting current research on health systems and policy in low-, middle- and high-income countries. The series cover empirical research, theoretical and methodological issues, and gives an opportunity for staff and students to participate in debate and learn about new developments in health systems and policy research.

Series organized by: Dina Balabanova and Alec Fraser

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