Clinical Diagnostics and Antimicrobial Resistance: A multidisciplinary symposium


This one-day symposium will discuss antimicrobial resistance (AMR) as it relates to diagnostics, epidemiology, and interventions. The symposium will describe a diagnostics/AMR clinical case challenge contest organised by the International Diagnostics Centre at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The purpose of the challenge contest was to have medical students, fellows, and other physicians write up clinical cases that could be used in medical education and shared online. The challenge is an example of crowdsourcing, in which a group of individuals solve a problem and then shares the solution. The challenge included the following steps: a) convening a global steering committee; b) engaging physicians and students to write diagnostics/AMR cases; c) evaluating cases based on pre-specified criteria; d) recognizing exceptional finalists; e) and sharing solutions through an open-access learning module. Our challenge contest successfully engaged a group of global volunteer physicians to design, promote, judge, and share clinical cases; and will be launching an open access physician continuing medical education learning module.


This symposium will include presentations from the challenge contest finalists, in addition to other AMR-related presentations. There will also be a panel discussion on: Advancing clinical diagnostics and AMR through challenge contests Targeted audience at the event include clinical researchers, physicians, public health fellows, medical microbiologists, allied health professionals and others with interest in AMR research and programs.


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