Can we do better research working with decision-maker partners?

Can we do better research working with decision-maker partners? Learnings from integrated knowledge translation approaches

The need for relevant research findings, the importance of practice knowledge and the democratization of science drive the current push for research collaborations. Integrated knowledge translation (IKT) is a model of collaborative research where researchers work with knowledge users who identify a problem and have the authority to implement the research recommendations.

In this presentation, Dr Kothari of the University of Western Ontario will first argue why understanding IKT, and evidence, continues to be important in a complex policy environment. Then she will describe her involvement with IKT projects and identify seven tensions related to the IKT approach. Lastly, she will suggest stakeholder groups who ought to be concerned with these tensions, and how easily the tensions might be resolved. Dr Kothari’s aim is to invite further discussion about these ideas based on the IKT literature and her experiences with IKT work.


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