Brexit and the NHS

The UK in a Changing Europe will deliver this talk entitled 'Brexit and the NHS'.

We are delighted to invite you to our Brexit and the NHS conference. The conference covers healthcare and healthcare policy, including the implications of Brexit for NHS staff and patients; impacts on medical research and the pharmaceutical industry, and issues surrounding devolution and the Northern Irish border. Speakers and panels will include: NHS –patients and professionals: - Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive. NHS Employers - Professor Tamara Hervey, The UK in a Changing Europe and Birmingham University- Professor Martin McKee, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Public Health: - Dr Paul Williams MP- John Middleton, President, Faculty of Public Health Medicine- Professor Jean McHale, The UK in a Changing Europe and Birmingham University. Pharmaceuticals and Research: - Dr Mark Flear, The UK in a Changing Europe and Queen's University Belfast- Jonathan Mogford, Director of Policy, Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency- chaired by Valerie Jamieson, New Scientist Devolut

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Free and open to all. Registration is required.