Mr Stefan Witek-McManus

Research Fellow

United Kingdom


Department of Disease Control
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases


Malaria Centre

Selected Publications

Epidemiology of soil-transmitted helminths following sustained implementation of routine preventive chemotherapy: Demographics and baseline results of a cluster randomised trial in southern Malawi.
WITEK-MCMANUS, S; Simwanza, J; Chisambi, AB; Kepha, S; Kamwendo, Z; Mbwinja, A; Samikwa, L; OSWALD, WE; KENNEDY, DS; TIMOTHY, JW S; LEGGE, H; Galagan, SR; Emmanuel-Fabula, M; Schaer, F; Ásbjörnsdóttir, K; HALLIDAY, KE; Walson, JL; Juziwelo, L; BAILEY, RL; Kalua, K; PULLAN, RL;
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
Patterns and Drivers of Household Sanitation Access and Sustainability in Kwale County, Kenya.
LEGGE, H; HALLIDAY, KE; Kepha, S; Mcharo, C; WITEK-MCMANUS, SS; El-Busaidy, H; Muendo, R; Safari, T; Mwandawiro, CS; Matendechero, SH; PULLAN, RL; OSWALD, WE;
Environmental science & technology
Patterns of individual non-treatment during multiple rounds of mass drug administration for control of soil-transmitted helminths in the TUMIKIA trial, Kenya: a secondary longitudinal analysis.
OSWALD, WE; Kepha, S; HALLIDAY, KE; Mcharo, C; Safari, T; WITEK-MCMANUS, S; Hardwick, RJ; ALLEN, E; Matendechero, SH; Brooker, SJ; Njenga, SM; Mwandawiro, CS; Anderson, RM; PULLAN, RL;
SSRN Electronic Journal
Development and application of an electronic treatment register: a system for enumerating populations and monitoring treatment during mass drug administration.
OSWALD, WE; KENNEDY, DS; Farzana, J; Kaliappan, SP; Atindegla, E; Houngbégnon, P; Chisambi, A; WITEK-MCMANUS, S; Galagan, SR; Emmanuel-Fabula, M; Gwayi-Chore, M-C; LEGGE, H; Yard, E; Kalua, K; Ibikounlé, M; Ajjampur, SS R; Means, AR; Ásbjörnsdóttir, KH; HALLIDAY, KE; Walson, JL;
Global Health Action
Impact of school-based malaria case management on school attendance, health and education outcomes: a cluster randomised trial in southern Malawi.
HALLIDAY, KE; WITEK-MCMANUS, SS; OPONDO, C; Mtali, A; ALLEN, E; Bauleni, A; Ndau, S; Phondiwa, E; Ali, D; Kachigunda, V; Sande, JH; Jawati, M; Verney, A; Chimuna, T; Melody, D; Moestue, H; Roschnik, N; Brooker, SJ; Mathanga, DP;
BMJ Global Health
Domains of transmission and association of community, school, and household sanitation with soil-transmitted helminth infections among children in coastal Kenya.
OSWALD, WE; HALLIDAY, KE; Mcharo, C; WITEK-MCMANUS, S; Kepha, S; Gichuki, PM; CANO, J; DIAZ-ORDAZ, K; ALLEN, E; Mwandawiro, CS; Anderson, RM; Brooker, SJ; PULLAN, RL; Njenga, SM;
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Community-level epidemiology of soil-transmitted helminths in the context of school-based deworming: Baseline results of a cluster randomised trial on the coast of Kenya.
HALLIDAY, KE; OSWALD, WE; Mcharo, C; BEAUMONT, E; Gichuki, PM; Kepha, S; WITEK-MCMANUS, SS; Matendechero, SH; El-Busaidy, H; Muendo, R; Chiguzo, AN; CANO, J; Karanja, MW; Musyoka, LW; Safari, TK; Mutisya, LN; Muye, IJ; Sidigu, MA; Anderson, RM; ALLEN, E; Brooker, SJ; Mwandawiro, CS; Njenga, SM; PULLAN, RL;
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
Effects, equity, and cost of school-based and community-wide treatment strategies for soil-transmitted helminths in Kenya: a cluster-randomised controlled trial
PULLAN, R; HALLIDAY, K; OSWALD, W; Mcharo, C; BEAUMONT, E; KEPHA, S; WITEK-MCMANUS, S; Gichuki, P; ALLEN, E; DRAKE, T; PITT, C; Matendechero, S; Gwayi-Chore, M-C; Anderson, R; Njenga, S; BROOKER, S; Mwandawiro, CS;
Design, implementation and evaluation of a training programme for school teachers in the use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests as part of a basic first aid kit in southern Malawi.
WITEK-MCMANUS, S; Mathanga, DP; Verney, A; Mtali, A; Ali, D; Sande, J; Mwenda, R; Ndau, S; Mazinga, C; Phondiwa, E; Chimuna, T; Melody, D; Roschnik, N; BROOKER, SJ; HALLIDAY, KE;
BMC public health
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