Dr Virginia Wiseman

BEc(Hons) PhD

Health Economics & Health Systems

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom


I began working as a health economist with LSHTM in 2001 and since that time have worked primarily on economic evaluation, equity, economics of infectious diseases and health care financing in low and middle income countries.  Prior to coming to the school I worked in a health economics research unit at The University of Sydney, Australia where I collaborated on a range of health economics projects focussing on indigenous health care financing and priority setting in health care. I am currently based in Sydney where I have a joint position as Professor of Health Economics & Health Systems at the Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales. I have a fellowship from the Australian Health and Medical Reserach Council.


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Evaluation
Malaria Centre


I enjoy teaching and in particular developing bespoke training programmes in health economics. Since 2008 have run a short course in health care financing for UNICEF that involves an 8 week on line course and a 2 week face to face workshop in London. I regularly design and deliver other short courses in health economics for the UK Department for International Development and Australian Aid (Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade). Lorna Guinness and I are co-editors of 'Introduction to Health Economics' - a textbook widely used for health economics teaching globally, as well as for distance learning and face to face teaching at LSHTM. 


My research focuses on the design and evaluation of interventions to support the delivery and financing of public health interventions in low and middle income countries. My general approach to intervention evaluation is to bring together empirical research tools widely used in economics and the social sciences with the operational realities of policy implementation to assess the impact of interventions targeting the poor. I mainly work in the area of infectious diseases in the Asia-Pacific with many terrific reserach partners in Indonesia, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea. 

My reserach focuses on 2 key topics. The first is the evaluation of complex health interventions. I have led large scale randomised trials, cost-effectiveness analyses and process evaluations of complex interventions to support the introduction and scale-up of new diagnostic technologies for malaria, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in LMIC. Having previously led such studies in sub Saharan Africa, I have in recent years built a strong research programme in the Asia-Pacific where I currently lead or co-lead 8 projects including the recently funded PINTAR project (Protecting anitibiotics) in Indonesia that aims to develop and evaluate interventions to improve the use of antibiotics in the private sector (community pharmacies and drug stores). My other area of research is health systems financing. Health economics has a major role to play in addressing the burden of disease amongst the poor by ensuring equity in health care financing. Our studies typically use the quantitative techniques of financing and benefit incidence analysis to inform policy decisions on the best mix of financing mechanisms for strengthening health systems in the Asia-Pacific. This is complemented by qualitative investigations of the context and process of implementing financing reforms. I currently lead studies evaluating financing reforms to support universal health coverage and financial protection in Cambodia and Indonesia.  

With my colleague Sandra Mounier-Jack, I also spend quite a bit of time as joint edito-in-chief of Health Policy & Planning, one of the leading journals in health systems and policy research in the world and housed at the LSHTM. Please check out our latest articles, blogs and podcasts here! 

Research Area
Complex interventions
Economic evaluation
Health care financing
Health care policy
Health policy
Health services research
Health systems
Public health
Evidence use
Health economics
Operational research
Disease and Health Conditions
East Asia & Pacific (developing only)
Pacific island small states
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

How conflicts of interest hinder effective regulation of healthcare: an analysis of antimicrobial use regulation in Cambodia, Indonesia and Pakistan.
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Health policy and planning
Community pharmacies, drug stores, and antibiotic dispensing in Indonesia: a qualitative study.
Ferdiana A; Liverani M; Khan M; Wulandari LPL; Mashuri YA; Batura N; Wibawa T; Yeung S; Day R; Jan S
BMC public health
Poor quality for the poor? A study of inequalities in service readiness and provider knowledge in Indonesian primary health care facilities.
Haemmerli M; Powell-Jackson T; Goodman C; Thabrany H; Wiseman V
International Journal for Equity in Health
User experiences and perceptions of health wearables: an exploratory study in Cambodia.
Liverani M; Ir P; Wiseman V; Perel P
Global Health Research and Policy
Prevalence and determinants of inappropriate antibiotic dispensing at private drug retail outlets in urban and rural areas of Indonesia: a mixed methods study.
Wulandari LPL; Khan M; Liverani M; Ferdiana A; Mashuri YA; Probandari A; Wibawa T; Batura N; Schierhout G; Kaldor J
BMJ global health
Cross-border medical travels from Cambodia: pathways to care, associated costs and equity implications.
Liverani M; Ir P; Jacobs B; Asante A; Jan S; Leang S; Man N; Hayen A; Wiseman V
Health Policy and Planning
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