Mr Nathaniel Scherer

Research Fellow

United Kingdom


Department of Population Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health

Selected Publications

Impact of a disability-targeted microentrepreneurship programme in Kenya: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of the InBusiness programme.
BANKS, LM; Kepha, S; ZINKE-ALLMANG, A; Gichuki, PM; SCHERER, N; Mwandawiro, C; CAREW, M; Njomo, D; CHEN, S; Okoyo, C; Davey, C; SHAKESPEARE, T; Pereira, MA; Goyal, D; KUPER, H;
Development of mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) guidelines for deaf and hard of hearing children in the Gaza Strip.
SCHERER, N; Hussein, R; Eaton, J; Kabaja, N; KAKUMA, R; SMYTHE, T; POLACK, S;
PLOS global public health
A Systematic Review of Interventions Promoting Parental Involvement in the Education of School-Aged Children With Disabilities
Musendo, DJ; SCHERER, N; Jepkosgei, J; Maweu, L; Mupiwa, A; Hara, O; POLACK, S; Patel, D;
Australasian journal of special and inclusive education
Communication, inclusion and psychological wellbeing among deaf and hard of hearing children: A qualitative study in the Gaza Strip.
SCHERER, N; SMYTHE, T; Hussein, R; Wapling, L; HAMEED, S; Eaton, J; Kabaja, N; KAKUMA, R; POLACK, S;
Plos global public health
'Do they ever think about people like us?': The experiences of people with learning disabilities in England and Scotland during the COVID-19 pandemic.
SCHERER, N; Wiseman, P; Watson, N; Brunner, R; Cullingworth, J; HAMEED, S; Pearson, C; SHAKESPEARE, T;
Critical Social Policy
Covid-19 and the Crisis in Social Care: Exploring the Experiences of Disabled People in the Pandemic
Pearson, C; Watson, N; Brunner, R; Cullingworth, J; HAMEED, S; SCHERER, N; SHAKESPEARE, T;
Social policy and society
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