Dr Jacqueline Ramke

Associate Professor in Global Eye Health

United Kingdom


Department of Clinical Research
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases


MSc Public Health for Eye Care module 3402: Foundations of Global Eye Health and Eye Care Programs

• Ian McCormick (Staff PhD ongoing)

MSc Public Health for Eye Care Research Projects
• Ho Ki Kwong, 2022/23: Mapping the available evidence for refractive error services in the context of universal health coverage
• Angela Uyah 2021/22: Achievements and challenges of integrating Primary Eye Care into Primary Health Care in Bauchi State, Nigeria
• Kelvin Tong, 2020/21: Strategies to address inequity of uncorrected refractive error in the Western Pacific
• Lilian Nyaboga, 2019/20: Patient pathway for the screening and management of diabetic retinopathy at Kwale Eye Centre, Kenya
• Taku Maureen Ibengo, 2018/19: Medicine Improving national monitoring of cataract services in Uganda
• Gatera Fiston Kitema, 2018/19: Predictors and barriers to cataract surgery uptake in Rwanda
• Anagha Joshi, 2018/19: Data quality review of essential eye health indicators in Kenya


Research Area
Health inequalities
Health services research
Disease and Health Conditions
Eye health
Pacific island small states

Selected Publications

Effective cataract surgical coverage in adults aged 50 years and older: estimates from population-based surveys in 55 countries.
MCCORMICK, I; BUTCHER, R; EVANS, JR; MACTAGGART, IZ; Limburg, H; Jolley, E; Sapkota, YD; Oye, JE; Mishra, SK; BASTAWROUS, A; Furtado, JM; Joshi, A; Xiao, B; Ravilla, TD; Bourne, RR A; Cieza, A; Keel, S; BURTON, MJ; RAMKE, J; RAAB International Co-Author Group,;
Lancet global health
The economics of vision impairment and its leading causes: A systematic review.
MARQUES, AP; RAMKE, J; CAIRNS, J; Butt, T; Zhang, JH; Jones, I; Jovic, M; Nandakumar, A; Faal, H; Taylor, H; BASTAWROUS, A; Braithwaite, T; Resnikoff, S; Khaw, PT; Bourne, R; GORDON, I; Frick, K; BURTON, MJ;
Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals through improving eye health: a scoping review.
Zhang, JH; RAMKE, J; Jan, C; BASCARAN, C; MWANGI, N; Furtado, JM; Yasmin, S; Ogundo, C; Yoshizaki, M; MARQUES, AP; BUCHAN, J; Holland, P; Ah Tong, BA M; EVANS, JR; Congdon, N; Webson, A; BURTON, MJ;
Lancet Planet Health
Grand Challenges in global eye health: a global prioritisation process using Delphi method.
RAMKE, J; EVANS, JR; Habtamu, E; MWANGI, N; Silva, JC; Swenor, BK; Congdon, N; Faal, HB; FOSTER, A; Friedman, DS; Gichuhi, S; Jonas, JB; Khaw, PT; KYARI, F; MURTHY, GV S; Wang, N; Wong, TY; Wormald, R; Yusufu, M; Taylor, H; Resnikoff, S; West, SK; BURTON, MJ; Grand Challenges in Global Eye Health study group,;
The Lancet. Healthy longevity
Global economic productivity losses from vision impairment and blindness.
MARQUES, AP; RAMKE, J; CAIRNS, J; Butt, T; Zhang, JH; Muirhead, D; Jones, I; Tong, BA M A; Swenor, BK; Faal, H; Bourne, RR A; Frick, KD; BURTON, MJ;
Eye health indicators for universal health coverage: results of a global expert prioritisation process.
MCCORMICK, I; MACTAGGART, I; Resnikoff, S; Muirhead, D; MURTHY, GV; Silva, JC; BASTAWROUS, A; Stern, J; Blanchet, K; Wang, N; Yusufu, M; Cooper, A; Gichangi, M; Eye Health Indicators Prioritisation Project Group,; BURTON, MJ; RAMKE, J;
The British journal of ophthalmology
The Lancet Global Health Commission on Global Eye Health: vision beyond 2020.
BURTON, MJ; RAMKE, J; MARQUES, AP; Bourne, RR A; Congdon, N; Jones, I; Ah Tong, BA M; Arunga, S; Bachani, D; BASCARAN, C; BASTAWROUS, A; Blanchet, K; Braithwaite, T; BUCHAN, JC; CAIRNS, J; Cama, A; Chagunda, M; Chuluunkhuu, C; Cooper, A; Crofts-Lawrence, J; DEAN, WH; Denniston, AK; Ehrlich, JR; Emerson, PM; EVANS, JR; ... Faal, HB.
The Lancet Global Health
Equity was rarely considered in Cochrane Eyes and Vision systematic reviews and primary studies on cataract.
Journal of Clinical Epidemiology
Action needed to improve equity and diversity in global eye health leadership.
Yashadhana, A; Zhang, JH; Yasmin, S; MORJARIA, P; Holland, P; Faal, H; BURTON, MJ; RAMKE, J;
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