William Oswald


Assistant Professor

Keppel Street
United Kingdom

I am an infectious disease epidemiologist interested in the roles of sanitation, hygiene, and water for the control of neglected tropical diseases and the improvement of children’s health.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in history from Kenyon College and a Master of Health Science degree from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I completed my PhD in Epidemiology at Emory University.


Department of Disease Control
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases


Since joining LSHTM in 2015, I worked on the TUMIKIA Project to evaluate the impact of alternative deworming delivery and treatment strategies on soil-transmitted helminth (STH) infection in Kenya. I am the global data systems lead for DeWorm3, a series of cluster randomised, controlled trials that aim to determine the feasibility of interrupting STH through expanded coverage and frequency of mass drug administration with albendazole.

I am currently working on the Schools Infection Survey (SIS), a collaboration between LSHTM, the Office for National Statistics, the Department of Education, the Department of Health & Social Care, and Public Health England. SIS has conducted repeated surveying and sampling of pupils and staff in 150 schools across 15 local authorities in England during the 2020-2021 academic year to investigate the role of schools in the spread of COVID-19 and how transmission within and from schools can be minimised.

Recently, I joined the Maternal and Newborn Health Group at LSHTM to work on the Exemplars in Maternal and Neonatal Mortality project, which aims to identify factors associated with reductions of maternal and neonatal mortality in six countries that experienced greater declines than their socio-economic progress since 2000.

Research Area
Child health
Health inequalities
Maternal health
Perinatal health
Public health
Statistical methods
Behaviour change
Disease control
Environmental Health
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Global Health
Impact evaluation
Neonatal health
Implementation research
Qualitative methods
Randomised controlled trials
Spatial analysis
GIS/Spatial analysis
Disease and Health Conditions
Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)
Tropical diseases
Soil-transmitted helminths
Latin America & Caribbean (developing only)
South Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Epidemiology of soil transmitted helminths and risk analysis of hookworm infections in the community: Results from the DeWorm3 Trial in southern India.
Ajjampur SSR; Kaliappan SP; Halliday KE; Palanisamy G; Farzana J; Manuel M; Abraham D; Laxmanan S; Aruldas K; Rose A
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
Epidemiology of soil-transmitted helminths following sustained implementation of routine preventive chemotherapy: Demographics and baseline results of a cluster randomised trial in southern Malawi.
Witek-McManus S; Simwanza J; Chisambi AB; Kepha S; Kamwendo Z; Mbwinja A; Samikwa L; Oswald WE; Kennedy DS; Timothy JWS
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
Fecal Contamination of Drinking Water Was Associated with Diarrheal Pathogen Carriage among Children Younger than 5 Years in Three Peruvian Rural Communities.
Loyola S; Sanchez JF; Maguiña E; Canal E; Castillo R; Bernal M; Meza Y; Tilley DH; Oswald WE; Heitzinger K
The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Development and application of an electronic treatment register: a system for enumerating populations and monitoring treatment during mass drug administration.
Oswald WE; Kennedy DS; Farzana J; Kaliappan SP; Atindegla E; Houngbégnon P; Chisambi A; Witek-McManus S; Galagan SR; Emmanuel-Fabula M
Global Health Action
The impact of community-wide, mass drug administration on aggregation of soil-transmitted helminth infection in human host populations.
Werkman M; Wright JE; Truscott JE; Oswald WE; Halliday KE; Papaiakovou M; Farrell SH; Pullan RL; Anderson RM
Parasites & Vectors
Community-level epidemiology of soil-transmitted helminths in the context of school-based deworming: Baseline results of a cluster randomised trial on the coast of Kenya.
Halliday KE; Oswald WE; Mcharo C; Beaumont E; Gichuki PM; Kepha S; Witek-McManus SS; Matendechero SH; El-Busaidy H; Muendo R
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
Domains of transmission and association of community, school, and household sanitation with soil-transmitted helminth infections among children in coastal Kenya.
Oswald WE; Halliday KE; Mcharo C; Witek-McManus S; Kepha S; Gichuki PM; Cano J; Diaz-Ordaz K; Allen E; Mwandawiro CS
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Effects, equity, and cost of school-based and community-wide treatment strategies for soil-transmitted helminths in Kenya: a cluster-randomised controlled trial
Pullan R; Halliday K; Oswald W; Mcharo C; Beaumont E; Kepha S; Witek-McManus S; Gichuki P; Allen E; Drake T
Heterogeneity in transmission parameters of hookworm infection within the baseline data from the TUMIKIA study in Kenya.
Truscott JE; Ower AK; Werkman M; Halliday K; Oswald WE; Gichuki PM; Mcharo C; Brooker S; Njenga SM; Mwandariwo C
Parasites & Vectors
The role of water, sanitation and hygiene interventions in reducing soil-transmitted helminths: interpreting the evidence and identifying next steps.
Vaz Nery S; Pickering AJ; Abate E; Asmare A; Barrett L; Benjamin-Chung J; Bundy DAP; Clasen T; Clements ACA; Colford JM
Parasites & Vectors
Assessing the feasibility of interrupting the transmission of soil-transmitted helminths through mass drug administration: The DeWorm3 cluster randomized trial protocol.
Ásbjörnsdóttir KH; Ajjampur SSR; Anderson RM; Bailey R; Gardiner I; Halliday KE; Ibikounle M; Kalua K; Kang G; Littlewood DTJ
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
Active trachoma and community use of sanitation, Ethiopia.
Oswald WE; Stewart AE; Kramer MR; Endeshaw T; Zerihun M; Melak B; Sata E; Gessese D; Teferi T; Tadesse Z
Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Association of community sanitation usage with soil-transmitted helminth infections among school-aged children in Amhara Region, Ethiopia.
Oswald WE; Stewart AEP; Kramer MR; Endeshaw T; Zerihun M; Melak B; Sata E; Gessese D; Teferi T; Tadesse Z
Parasites & vectors
Prediction of Low Community Sanitation Coverage Using Environmental and Sociodemographic Factors in Amhara Region, Ethiopia.
Oswald WE; Stewart AEP; Flanders WD; Kramer MR; Endeshaw T; Zerihun M; Melaku B; Sata E; Gessesse D; Teferi T
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
Provision of private, piped water and sewerage connections and directly observed handwashing of mothers in a peri-urban community of Lima, Peru.
Oswald WE; Hunter GC; Kramer MR; Leontsini E; Cabrera L; Lescano AG; Gilman RH
Tropical medicine & international health
Development of indicators for measuring outcomes of water safety plans.
Lockhart G; Oswald WE; Hubbard B; Medlin E; Gelting RJ
Journal of water, sanitation, and hygiene for development
Direct observation of hygiene in a Peruvian shantytown: not enough handwashing and too little water.
Oswald WE; Hunter GC; Lescano AG; Cabrera L; Leontsini E; Pan WK; Soldan VP; Gilman RH
Tropical medicine & international health
Fecal contamination of drinking water within peri-urban households, Lima, Peru.
Oswald WE; Lescano AG; Bern C; Calderon MM; Cabrera L; Gilman RH
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
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