Dr Kathryn Oliver

Associate Professor
of Sociology and Public health

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom


I studied Molecular Biology at UCL (2003). Via a MSc in History of Science, Technology and Medicine (2004), I became interested in broader questions about how scientific knowledge and expertise are constructed, owned and used. My PhD (Manchester, 2012) was half sociology, half public health, exploring social networks of power, influence and evidence-use in public health policymaking.

After postdoctoral positions in Manchester Sociology and Manchester Business School, I held lectureships at UCL and Oxford. I joined LSHTM in December 2017.



Department of Public Health, Environments and Society
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Evaluation


Departmental Research Degrees Coordinator (DRDC) for PHES

Module Organiser for Health Policy, Process and Power (MPH)

Lecturer on Evidence Based Public Health Policy and Practice (DPH)


I am  a social scientist with interests in 

  • use of evidence in policymaking, especially public health policy
  • the structure and function of networks in policy and practice
  • evaluation of social interventions and policies, particularly adverse effects
  • Research impact and science policy

I am the lead for the Evidence Synthesis theme for the Centre for Evaluation and have an interest in how evidence synthesis methods have evolved over the last 30 years. 

Available to supervise PhD students with interests in

  • public health policy
  • evidence use and research impact, from theoretical, empirical or methodological perspectives
  • coproduction and collaborative research processes and outcomes
  • unintended consequences of public health policies and interventions
  • Policy mechanisms and evaluation

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Research Area
Health policy
Public health
Research : policy relationship
Science policy
Evidence use
Impact evaluation
Implementation research
Public understanding
Policy analysis
Political science
Social Sciences
Social Policy
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