Mr Anthony Mansaray

Research Student - MPhil/PhD - Public Health & Policy

United Kingdom

I led the delivery of Social Science Research on the Ebobac vaccine trials in Sierra Leone, focusing on operational research, vaccine confidence and hesitancy, epidemic preparedness and response. Before joining the school, I worked in nonprofit and humanitarian response primarily leading the evaluation of health interventions working closely with government health programmes in Sierra Leone to promote evidence-based policy and programmatic decision making.


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Principles of Social Research (PSR)


My PhD project aims to answer questions related to the policy and practice landscape for surveillance that followed the 2014-16 Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, tracing the development and application of lessons to the COVID-19 pandemic and future preparedness planning. My project will specifically zoom in on evidence of community-based surveillance approaches in Sierra Leone including livestock and animal health surveillance, tracing system-level policy landscape and infrastructure, and linking it with practice at all levels (national, district and community). Knowledge generated from this enquiry will inform a community participatory approach to develop a model contextually and culturally feasible and practical Community-based Comprehensive One Health Surveillance (CCOHS) which could inform future emergency preparedness efforts.

Disease and Health Conditions
Ebola virus
Lassa fever
Sierra Leone
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)

Selected Publications

Engaging the public in decisions about emergency vaccine deployment strategies: Lessons from scenario-based discussions in Sierra Leone.
MANSARAY, A; Bangura, M; Watson-Jones, D; GREENWOOD, B; BURNS, R; Susan Lees, S; FAYE, F; Leigh, B; Enria, L;
Global public health
Continuity and Rupture in Crisis: from Ebola to COVID-19 in Sierra Leone and the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.
James, M; MANSARAY, A; Thige, FO; Mafinda, M; Kasonia, KK; Paluku, JK; Timbo, AD; Karenzi, L; Ntabala, F; Tindanbil, D; Leigh, B; Kavunga-Membo, H; WATSON-JONES, D; GALLAGHER, K; ENRIA, L;
Global public health
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the provision & utilisation of primary health care services in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kambia district, Sierra Leone & Masaka district, Uganda.
Kasonia, K; Tindanbil, D; KITONSA, J; BAISLEY, K; Zalwango, F; ENRIA, L; MANSARAY, A; James, M; Nije, Y; Tata, DT; Lawal, BJ; Drammeh, A; Lowe, B; Mukadi-Bamuleka, D; MOUNIER-JACK, S; Nakiyimba, F; Obady, P; Muhavi, J; Bangura, JS; GREENWOOD, B; Samai, M; Leigh, B; WATSON-JONES, D; Kavunga-Membo, H; RUZAGIRA, E; ... GALLAGHER, KE.
PloS One
Experiences of COVID-19 and Perspectives on Vaccination: Key Findings from a Survey in Two Informal Settlements in Freetown
Conteh, A; ENRIA, L; Klingel, A; Lees, S; Macarthy, J; MANSARAY, A; ROBERTS, C; Tarawally, A;
Experiences of COVID-19 and Perspectives on Vaccination: Key Findings from a Survey in Two Informal Settlements in Freetown
Integrating community knowledge(s) in epidemic response: Challenges, opportunities and Lessons from Sierra Leone
Epistemologies of the South
Protocol of economic evaluation and equity impact analysis of mHealth and community groups for prevention and control of diabetes in rural Bangladesh in a three-arm cluster randomised controlled trial
Haghparast-Bidgoli, H; Shaha, SK; Kuddus, A; Chowdhury, MA R; Jennings, H; Ahmed, N; Morrison, J; Akter, K; Nahar, B; Nahar, T; King, C; Skordis-Worrall, J; Batura, N; Khan, JA; MANSARAY, A; Hunter, R; Khan, AK A; Costello, A; Azad, K; Fottrell, E;
BMJ Open
Whose Vaccine Justice? Debating COVID-19 Immunization in Sierra Leone, African Arguments
ENRIA, L; MANSARAY, A; Bangura, MH; Timbo, AD;
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