Dr Johanna Hanefeld

Associate Professor

United Kingdom


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Antimicrobial Resistance Centre

Selected Publications

National responses to global health targets: exploring policy transfer in the context of the UNAIDS '90-90-90' treatment targets in Ghana and Uganda.
McRobie, E; Matovu, F; Nanyiti, A; Nonvignon, J; Abankwah, DN Y; Case, KK; Hallett, TB; HANEFELD, J; Conteh, L;
Health policy and planning
Prevalence and risk factors for long COVID and post-COVID-19 condition in Africa: a systematic review.
Müller, SA; Isaaka, L; Mumm, R; Scheidt-Nave, C; Heldt, K; Schuster, A; Abdulaziz, M; El Bcheraoui, C; HANEFELD, J; AGWEYU, A;
The Lancet. Global health
Scientific advisory councils in the COVID-19 response.
Delfraissy, J-F; Horgan, M; Mølbak, K; Simón, FS; Stadler, T; Van Dissel, J; Van Gucht, S; Ricciardi, W; Wieler, L; Vallance, P; Covid-19 National Scientific Advisory Councils: Pr,;
Lancet (London, England)
Reflections from the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany: lessons for global health.
Wieler, LH; Antao, E-M; HANEFELD, J;
BMJ global health
Learning from serosurveillance for SARS-CoV-2 to inform pandemic preparedness and response.
Public Health Collaborators on Serosurveillance fo,;
Lancet (London, England)
An analysis of migration and implications for health in government policy of South Africa.
Manji, K; Perera, S; HANEFELD, J; Vearey, J; Olivier, J; GILSON, L; WALLS, H;
International journal for equity in health
Telemedicine in emergency responses: reflections from a critical care telemedicine programme between Uzbekistani and German clinicians during COVID-19.
Boklage, E; Weiss, B; HANEFELD, J; Steinecke, K; Jansen, A; Anvarov, K; Valihanov, A; Alimov, A; Seybold, J; Spies, C; Sabirov, U;
BMJ health & care informatics
Global health in Germany: Understanding interdisciplinarity in the academic sector.
Gotsche, CI; Weishaar, H; HANEFELD, J;
Health policy (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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