Prof Antonio Gasparrini

Professor of Biostatistics

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 79272406
I am a biostatistician and epidemiologist with interests in methodology, applied research in various epidemiological and public health topics, and software development


Department of Public Health, Environments and Society
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Data and Statistical Science for Health
Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health


I am the organiser of two modules: Statistical Computing in the MSc in Medical Statistics, and Programming in the MSc in Health Data Science. In addition, I coordinate workshops on the R software for the Talent and Educational Development (LSHTM staff) and Transferrable Skills Programme (LSHTM research degree students). I am responsible for lecture and practical sessions on time series methods within the Environmental Epidemiology module of the MSc in Public Health, the Advanced Regression Methods module of the MSc in Medical Statistics, and the Evaluation of Public Health Interventions within the MSc in Public Health. I am also a Lecture Speaker in the Basic Statistics module of the MSc in Public Health.


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My interests encompass various research areas in epidemiology and public health evaluation, from methodology, applied research, and software implementation. My methodological work focuses on the development of study designs and statistical methods, applied in particular to time series methods, quasi-experimental studies, climate change health impact assessment, environmental spatio-temporal modelling and small-area analysis. I have contributed to the development and extensions of a number of statistical techniques, such as distributed lag models, smoothing methods and meta-analytical models. My substantive research covers several areas, from investigations of the health effects of environmental or occupational factors to the evaluation of public health interventions. I am a strong advocate of open science and reproducible research, and I have contributed with the implementation of statistical methods in freely-available software and with the release of code in public repositories.
My current research focuses on the development of novel study designs for individual and small-area analyses, the use of novel remote sensing and mobile technologies in epidemiology, spatio-temporal modelling of environmental exposures and risks, and health impact projections for climate change.

Selected Publications

Excess mortality attributed to heat and cold: a health impact assessment study in 854 cities in Europe.
MASSELOT, P; MISTRY, M; VANOLI, J; Schneider, R; Iungman, T; Garcia-Leon, D; Ciscar, J-C; Feyen, L; Orru, H; Urban, A; Breitner, S; Huber, V; Schneider, A; Samoli, E; Stafoggia, M; De'Donato, F; Rao, S; ARMSTRONG, B; Nieuwenhuijsen, M; Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; GASPARRINI, A; MCC Collaborative Research Network,; EXHAUSTION project,;
The Lancet Planetary Health
Small-area assessment of temperature-related mortality risks in England and Wales: a case time series analysis.
GASPARRINI, A; MASSELOT, P; Scortichini, M; Schneider, R; MISTRY, MN; SERA, F; Macintyre, HL; Phalkey, R; Vicedo-Cabrera, AM;
The Lancet Planetary health
The Case Time Series Design.
The burden of heat-related mortality attributable to recent human-induced climate change.
Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; Scovronick, N; SERA, F; Royé, D; Schneider, R; Tobias, A; Astrom, C; Guo, Y; Honda, Y; Hondula, DM; Abrutzky, R; Tong, S; De Sousa Zanotti Stagliorio Coelho, M; Saldiva, PH N; Lavigne, E; Correa, PM; Ortega, NV; Kan, H; Osorio, S; Kyselý, J; Urban, A; Orru, H; Indermitte, E; Jaakkola, JJ K; Ryti, N; ... GASPARRINI, A.
Nature Climate Change
A Satellite-Based Spatio-Temporal Machine Learning Model to Reconstruct Daily PM2.5 Concentrations across Great Britain.
Schneider, R; Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; SERA, F; MASSELOT, P; Stafoggia, M; De Hoogh, K; Kloog, I; Reis, S; Vieno, M; GASPARRINI, A;
Remote Sensing
An extended mixed-effects framework for meta-analysis.
Statistics in Medicine
Climate Change, Extreme Heat, and Health
Bell, ML; GASPARRINI, A; Benjamin, GC;
New England Journal of Medicine
Global, regional, and national burden of heatwave-related mortality from 1990 to 2019: A three-stage modelling study.
Zhao, Q; Li, S; Ye, T; Wu, Y; GASPARRINI, A; Tong, S; Urban, A; Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; Tobias, A; ARMSTRONG, B; Royé, D; Lavigne, E; De'Donato, F; Sera, F; Kan, H; Schwartz, J; Pascal, M; Ryti, N; Goodman, P; Saldiva, PH N; Bell, ML; Guo, Y; MCC Collaborative Research Network,;
PLoS medicine
Ambient fine particulate matter and daily mortality: a comparative analysis of observed and estimated exposure in 347 cities
Yu, W; Huang, W; GASPARRINI, A; Sera, F; Schneider, A; Breitner, S; Kyselý, J; Schwartz, J; Madureira, J; Gaio, V; Guo, YL; Xu, R; Chen, G; Yang, Z; Wen, B; Wu, Y; Zanobetti, A; Kan, H; Song, J; Li, S; Guo, Y; Multi-City Multi-Country Collaborative Research Ne,;
International journal of epidemiology
Comparison for the effects of different components of temperature variability on mortality: A multi-country time-series study.
Wen, B; Wu, Y; Guo, Y; GASPARRINI, A; Tong, S; Overcenco, A; Urban, A; Schneider, A; Entezari, A; Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; Zanobetti, A; Analitis, A; Zeka, A; Tobias, A; Nunes, B; Alahmad, B; ARMSTRONG, B; Forsberg, B; Pan, S-C; Íñiguez, C; Ameling, C; Valencia, CD L C; Åström, C; Houthuijs, D; Van Dung, D; ... Li, S.
Environment international
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