Professor Daniela Fuhr

Honorary Professor

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

I am Professor of Implementation Research in Evidence-Based Prevention and hold a University Professorship between the University of Bremen and the Leibniz Institute of Prevention Research and Epidemiology (BIPS) in Germany.  I have been working at LSHTM prior to that appointment. My academic background is in psychology and public health, and I have specific expertise in mental health of conflict-affected populations. 

I am Co-Editor in Chief of the BMC journal Conflict and Health.


Department of Health Services Research and Policy
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


My research primarily addresses common mental disorders and substance use disorders, and focuses on the development and implementation of mental health programmes for vulnerable populations in a variety of settings. In the past, I have worked in South-East Asia, Africa and the middle-East. I have specific expertise in brief psychological interventions and am particularly interested in transdiagnostic psychological interventions. I am a mixed-methods researcher by training and have led several randomised-controlled trials. 

With colleaugues at LSHTM, and partners in Uganda and Ukraine, I lead a programme of work called CHANGE funded by the NIHR-Wellcome Partnership for Global Health Research.  The aim of CHANGE is to develop and implement a brief psychological intervention to reduce alcohol misuse and co-occurring psychological problems in conflict-affected populations. Our new intervention builds on Problem Management Plus (PM+), and we will test effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of our new intervention through two effectiveness-implementation hybrid trials in Northern Uganda and Ukraine.  

Research Area
Complex interventions
Health services research
Health systems
Perinatal health
Global Health
Mixed methods
Implementation research
Randomised controlled trials
Social Sciences
Disease and Health Conditions
Mental health