Ms Praveena Fernes

Research Assistant

United Kingdom

Praveena K. Fernes is a Marshall Scholar in the UK, where she studied political ecology at SOAS University of London and now public health and policy at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. As a Fulbright Research Scholar, she curated Visible Ghosts, a virtual installation that illuminates villagers’ evolving relationship to the Mun River and wetlands in Thailand over the past quarter century through objects, maps, and citizen science research. Her current PhD project explores the place-based experiences of people who are homeless and seek drug and alcohol services in East London, with a special focus on relations of care. Her work strives to advance health equity through transdisciplinary research-to-action partnerships and democratizing the kinds of stories being heard.


Department of Public Health, Environments and Society
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Disease and Health Conditions
United States of America
United Kingdom
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