Dr Rachael Burke

Research Fellow


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

I am an Infectious Disease and General (Internal) Medicine registrar, and a Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD fellow.  I am based in Malawi with the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Clinical Research Programme.  My research interests are in tuberculosis and HIV co-infection, improving infectious disease diagnostics and in reducing in-hospital mortality for people living with HIV in low income settings.


Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases
Department of Clinical Research


TB Centre


I am conducting a clinical trial of Computer Aided Screening for Tuberculosis in Low Resource Environments (the CASTLE study).  This will evaluate the utility of chest x-ray with computer aided diagnosis (CAD) for improving tuberculosis diagnosis among people living with HIV at the point of admission to hospital in Malawi.  The trial will also provide information on the prevalance of HIV treatment failure, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases among inpatients at a district general hospital in Malawi.

I am delighted to work with my supervisors Prof Liz Corbett, Dr Peter MacPherson and Dr Ankur Gupta-Wright, as well as advisors and collaborators from College of Medicine Malawi, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and LSHTM.

More information about our Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Public Health research group can be found at Dr MacPherson's github page.

Research Area
Clinical trials
Public health
Randomised controlled trials
Disease and Health Conditions
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Design and protocol for a cluster randomised trial of enhanced diagnostics for tuberculosis screening among people living with HIV in hospital in Malawi (CASTLE study).
Burke RM; Nyirenda S; Twabi HH; Nliwasa M; Joekes E; Walker N; Nyirenda R; Gupta-Wright A; Fielding K; MacPherson P
PloS one
Neighbourhood prevalence-to-notification ratios for adult bacteriologically-confirmed tuberculosis reveals hotspots of underdiagnosis in Blantyre, Malawi.
Khundi M; Carpenter JR; Corbett EL; Feasey HRA; Soko RN; Nliwasa M; Twabi H; Chiume L; Burke RM; Horton KC
PloS one
Inequalities in the impact of COVID-19-associated disruptions on tuberculosis diagnosis by age and sex in 45 high TB burden countries.
McQuaid CF; Henrion MYR; Burke RM; MacPherson P; Nzawa-Soko R; Horton KC
BMC medicine
Accuracy of upper respiratory tract samples to diagnose Mycobacterium tuberculosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Savage HR; Rickman HM; Burke RM; Odland ML; Savio M; Ringwald B; Cuevas LE; MacPherson P
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
What is the optimum time to start antiretroviral therapy in people with HIV and tuberculosis coinfection? A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Burke RM; Rickman HM; Singh V; Corbett EL; Ayles H; Jahn A; Hosseinipour MC; Wilkinson RJ; MacPherson P
Journal of the International AIDS Society
Same-day antiretroviral therapy initiation for people living with HIV who have tuberculosis symptoms: a systematic review.
Burke RM; Rickman HM; Singh V; Kalua T; Labhardt ND; Hosseinipour M; Wilkinson RJ; MacPherson P
HIV medicine
Do community-based active case-finding interventions have indirect impacts on wider TB case detection and determinants of subsequent TB testing behaviour? A systematic review
Feasey HRA; Burke RM; Nliwasa M; Chaisson LH; Golub JE; Naufal F; Shapiro AE; Ruperez M; Telisinghe L; Ayles H
PLOS Global Public Health
Computer-aided X-ray screening for tuberculosis and HIV testing among adults with cough in Malawi (the PROSPECT study): A randomised trial and cost-effectiveness analysis.
MacPherson P; Webb EL; Kamchedzera W; Joekes E; Mjoli G; Lalloo DG; Divala TH; Choko AT; Burke RM; Maheswaran H
PLoS medicine
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