Dr Aurelien Belot


Assistant Professor
in Medical Statistics and Cancer Epidemiology


Keppel Street
United Kingdom


I graduated in mathematics in 2000 and completed a Master science in statistics in 2002, both from the University of Lyon 1 (France). I worked as a biostatistician in the biostatistics Department of the Hospices Civils de Lyon between 2002 and 2014, where my main duties were to develop and implement statistical methods to provide national health indicators on cancer in France (incidence, mortality, prevalence and survival) within a working group of the Institut National de Veille Sanitaire, the Institut National du Cancer and the French network of cancer registries FRANCIM. I completed in 2009 my PhD in part-time in the domain of clinical research and public health, on the particular topic of flexible models to analyse survival data in the presence of competing risks, with a focus on the excess hazard method. I joined the Cancer Research UK Cancer Survival Group in August 2014 as a Lecturer in biostatistics.


Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
Department of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology


Statistical Methodology


I teach on various modules of the MSc Medical Statistics, such as the R and SAS programming, the Survival Analysis and the Generalised Linear Model courses. I also teach on the annual short course “Cancer Survival: Principles, Methods and Applications” organised by the Cancer Survival Group.


My main interest is to develop statistical methods to analyse complex survival data in the context of cancer epidemiology using population-based registry data to explain socio-economic inequalities in cancer survival. I am also involved in the international working survival group CENSUR (Challenges in the Estimation of Net SURvival).

Research Area
Health inequalities
Public health
Statistical methods
Life-course epidemiology
Disease and Health Conditions
Chronic disease
European Union

Selected Publications

A log-rank-type test to compare net survival distributions.
Grafféo, N. ; Castell, F. ; Belot, A. ; Giorgi, R. ;
A multilevel excess hazard model to estimate net survival on hierarchical data allowing for non-linear and non-proportional effects of covariates.
Charvat, H.; Remontet, L.; Bossard, N.; Roche, L.; Dejardin, O.; Rachet, B.; Launoy, G.; Belot, A.; CENSUR Working Survival Group, .;
Stat Med
Trends in excess mortality in follicular lymphoma at a population level.
Mounier, M. ; Bossard, N. ; Belot, A. ; Remontet, L. ; Iwaz, J. ; Dandoit, M. ; Girard-Boulanger, S. ; Herry, A. ; Woronoff, A.S. ; Casasnovas, R.O. ; Maynadié, M. ; Giorgi, R. ; FRANCIM Network and MESURE Working Survival Group, . ;
Eur J Haematol
Effect of previous history of cancer on survival of patients with a second cancer of the head and neck.
Jégu, J. ; Belot, A. ; Borel, C. ; Daubisse-Marliac, L. ; Trétarre, B. ; Ganry, O. ; Guizard, A.V. ; Bara, S. ; Troussard, X. ; Bouvier, V. ; Woronoff, A.S. ; Colonna, M. ; Velten, M. ;
Oral Oncol
A joint frailty model to estimate the recurrence process and the disease-specific mortality process without needing the cause of death.
Belot, A. ; Rondeau, V. ; Remontet, L. ; Giorgi, R. ; CENSUR working survival group, . ;
Stat Med
Cancer net survival on registry data: use of the new unbiased Pohar-Perme estimator and magnitude of the bias with the classical methods.
Roche, L. ; Danieli, C. ; Belot, A. ; Grosclaude, P. ; Bouvier, A.M. ; Velten, M. ; Iwaz, J. ; Remontet, L. ; Bossard, N. ;
Int J Cancer
Estimating net survival: the importance of allowing for informative censoring.
Danieli, C. ; Remontet, L. ; Bossard, N. ; Roche, L. ; Belot, A. ;
Stat Med
Flexible modeling of competing risks in survival analysis.
Belot, A. ; Abrahamowicz, M. ; Remontet, L. ; Giorgi, R. ;
Stat Med
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