Dr Aduragbemi Banke-Thomas

Assoc. Prof of Maternal & Newborn Health

United Kingdom

I am a physician, public health practitioner, and global maternal and newborn health researcher, having completed my medical training at the Lagos State University, Nigeria and post-graduate degrees at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, Ecole des Hautes Etude en Santé Publique, Rennes, France, and Institut d'Études Politiques (Sciences Po), Rennes, France. I subsequently completed my doctoral training at the University of Liverpool/Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

I joined the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in January 2023 as an Associate Professor in Maternal and Newborn Health after previously holding the same role at the University of Greenwich. I am also a Visiting Professor on the Erasmus Mundus Europubhealth programme, a Visiting Research Fellow at the LSE Health, London School of Economics and Political Science, Principal Researcher at the Senghor Chair in Health and Development in sub-Saharan Africa, University of Ottawa, Canada, and Health Systems Research Lead at the Maternal and Reproductive Health Research Collective, Lagos, Nigeria. I am an editorial board member of PLOS Global Public Health, Reproductive Health, and BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth.


Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and International Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Centre for Maternal Adolescent Reproductive & Child Health


I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and contribute to teaching maternal and perinatal Health across the School at the master's and PhD levels. Specifically, I teach on:

Current Issues in Maternal and Perinatal Health

Understanding and Applying Research Evidence

Programme Monitoring and Implementation Research


The main focus of my research has been on maternal health, especially as it relates to women living in Africa, and particularly vulnerable women such as refugees and black and ethnic minorities living in North America and Europe. Specifically, my research has mostly explored issues on and strategies to optimise cost and cost-effectiveness, geographical access, and quality of maternal and newborn health care for these women.

Currently, I am the Principal Investigator for the Google-funded 'On Tackling In-transit delays for Mothers in Emergency' (OnTIME) project and co-investigator on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded Implementation Science project for intravenous versus oral iron for iron deficiency anaemia in pregnant Nigerian women (IVON-IS) and post-partum women (IVON-PP).

I am interested in supervising research degree students working on various aspects of maternal and newborn health.

Research Area
Clinical guidelines
Complex interventions
Economic evaluation
Health care financing
Health care policy
Health impact analysis
Health inequalities
Health outcomes
Health policy
Health education and promotion
Health systems
Maternal health
Public health
Systematic reviews
GIS/Spatial analysis
Operational research
Policy analysis
Adolescent health
Electronic health records
Impact evaluation
Global health
Health services research
Health workers
Mobile technologies
Mixed methods research
Neonatal health
Randomised controlled trials
Reproductive health
Burkina Faso
South Sudan
South Africa
Sierra Leone
Democratic Republic of the Congo
United States of America
United Kingdom
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)
Least developed countries: UN classification
Latin America & Caribbean (all income levels)
North America

Selected Publications

A systematic review of behaviour change interventions to improve maternal health outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa.
Muriithi, FG; BANKE-THOMAS, A; Forbes, G; Gakuo, RW; Thomas, E; Gallos, ID; Devall, A; Coomarasamy, A; Lorencatto, F;
PLOS global public health
Association between tuberculosis and pregnancy outcomes: a retrospective cohort study of women in Cape Town, South Africa.
Meehan, S-A; Hesseling, AC; Von Delft, A; Marx, FM; Hughes, JA; Bock, P; BANKE-THOMAS, A; Dunbar, R; Phelanyane, F; Smith, M; Osman, M;
BMJ Open
Prevalence of and risk factors for iron deficiency among pregnant women with moderate or severe anaemia in Nigeria: a cross-sectional study.
Babah, OA; Akinajo, OR; Beňová, L; HANSON, C; Abioye, AI; Adaramoye, VO; Adeyemo, TA; Balogun, MR; BANKE-THOMAS, A; Galadanci, HS; Sam-Agudu, NA; Afolabi, BB; Larsson, EC;
BMC pregnancy and childbirth
Developing policy-ready digital dashboards of geospatial access to emergency obstetric care: a survey of policymakers and researchers in sub-Saharan Africa
Wang, J; Wong, KL M; Olubodun, T; Gwacham-Anisiobi, U; Ogunyemi, O; Afolabi, BB; Macharia, PM; Makanga, PT; Abejirinde, I-OO; Beňová, L; BANKE-THOMAS, A;
Health and technology
Advancing the frontiers of geographic accessibility to healthcare services.
Macharia, PM; BANKE-THOMAS, A; Beňová, L;
Communications medicine
A geospatial database of close-to-reality travel times to obstetric emergency care in 15 Nigerian conurbations.
Macharia, PM; Wong, KL M; Olubodun, T; Beňová, L; Stanton, C; Sundararajan, N; Shah, Y; Prasad, G; Kansal, M; Vispute, S; Shekel, T; Gwacham-Anisiobi, U; Ogunyemi, O; Wang, J; Abejirinde, I-OO; Makanga, PT; Afolabi, BB; BANKE-THOMAS, A;
Scientific data
Wealth-based inequality in the continuum of maternal health service utilisation in 16 sub-Saharan African countries.
Asefa, A; Gebremedhin, S; Marthias, T; Nababan, H; Christou, A; Semaan, A; BANKE-THOMAS, A; Tabana, H; Al-Beity, FM A; Dossou, J-P; Gutema, K; Delvaux, T; Birabwa, C; Dennis, M; Grovogui, FM; McPake, B; Beňová, L;
International journal for equity in health
Obstetric referrals, complications and health outcomes in maternity wards of large hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed methods study of six hospitals in Guinea, Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania.
Beňová, L; Semaan, A; Afolabi, BB; Amongin, D; Babah, OA; Dioubate, N; Harissatou, N; Kikula, AI; Nakubulwa, S; Ogein, O; Adroma, M; Anzo Adiga, W; Diallo, A; Diallo, IS; Diallo, L; Cellou Diallo, M; Maomou, C; Mtinangi, N; Sy, T; Delvaux, T; Delamou, A; Nakimuli, A; Pembe, AB; BANKE-THOMAS, AO;
BMJ open
Application of GIS in Public Health Practice: A Consortium’s Approach to Tackling Travel Delays in Obstetric Emergencies in Urban Areas
Wang, J; Osayande, I; Macharia, PM; Makanga, PT; Wong, KL M; Olubodun, T; Gwacham-Anisiobi, U; Ogunyemi, O; Olaniran, A; Abejirinde, IO O; Beňová, L; Afolabi, BB; BANKE-THOMAS, A;
Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics, LIPIcs
A geospatial database of close to reality travel times to obstetric emergency care in 15 Nigerian conurbations
BANKE-THOMAS, A; Olubodun, T; Macharia, PM; WONG, KL M; Gwacham-Anisiobi, U; Ogunyemi, O; Benova, L; Omolade Abejirinde, I-O; Makanga, PT; Wang, J; Stanton, C; Sundararajan, N; Shah, Y; Prasad, G; Kansal, M; Vispute, S; Shekel, T; Afolabi, BB;
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