Alumni profile: Ishaan Jalan

Graduate Ishaan Jalan announced as Chief of Staff of NYC-based healthcare-tech start-up Yuvo Health.
Ishaan Jalan

Ishaan Jalan, who holds a 2020 MS in Public Health 2020 from LSHTM, will be announced as Chief of Staff to the CEO. With an MBA, as well as an MS in public health, he brings prior healthcare experience from DaVita Inc., a leading provider of Kidney Care, and McKinsey and Co.

Current job title and organisation?

Chief of Staff, Yuvo Health.

Can you please tell us a bit about your current work/research?

Yuvo Health started from a belief in the power of quality care for underserved communities. Every member of our 100% BIPOC founding team has either been an FQHC patient or Medicaid beneficiary. That means we have seen firsthand how access to the right care can change lives for the better. It motivates us every day to knock down barriers that prevent health centers from scaling the quality care that communities need. As a member of the leadership team at Yuvo Health, it is my privilege to identify business opportunities and determine strategies that will allow us to continue servicing the community health centers we serve.

What course and year did you study at LSHTM?

MS in Public Health (2018 - 2020).

Why did you choose to study with LSHTM?

Studying at LSHTM and being a part of the community had been a dream of mine ever since I discovered an interest in public health during my first year at university (Duke University). So when my work (with DaVita Inc.) required me to move to London, I took the opportunity to seize this aspiration and apply to join the part-time program in public health. 

Did you have to overcome any challenges to study with us?       

Similar to many of the other wonderful students I had the pleasure of meeting through the program, I found that balancing a full-time job with the academic rigors of the program was challenging, However, the experience also helped foster a work ethic and determination that has helped me throughout my career.

What were your favourite memories from your studies with us?              

The experience of doing readings and coursework on weekends was surprisingly energizing, as it always left me with new ideas and perspectives that I could bring to my own career and work. One of my favorite memories is being on campus for the speaker series and celebrations celebrating the school’s 120-year anniversary, during which I had the opportunity to meet classmates I had only really interacted with virtually until that point.

How has your LSHTM degree helped you in your career?             

More than anything, my time at LSHTM has provided me with a strong appreciation for keeping a critical and honest eye when evaluating programs and health care data. As someone who had focused on quantitative data in the past, I recognized how much knowledge and insight that qualitative data and methods could add to our understanding of health.

What would you like to achieve in future?          

I plan to continue supporting community health centers and organizations that have a local focus and are built to provide compassionate care to marginalized communities.

Do you have any advice for students/recent graduates?               

Enjoy every moment of the program. It’s an incredible opportunity and will go by in a flash!


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