Alumni Profile: Dr Louise Corscadden

Dr Louise Corscadden is the Director of Science and Development at ConductScience. She completed her MSc Medical Microbiology with LSHTM in 2016. We caught up with Louise to see what she has been doing since she graduated.
Louise Corscadden

Why did you decide to study at LSHTM?

I decided to study at LSHTM because the School was well known for its quality of teaching. The MSc was a prestigious programme and alumni had gone on to successful careers. 

How did your degree influence your career?

Yes, my master's degree was vital to getting and completing my PhD, which led to my current career. I now work for a life-science start-up that sells various lab apparatus and scientific services.

I formed relationships with my course director Professor Nick Dorrell and project supervisors, Professor Richard Stabler and Professor Silvia Costa. I considered them to be my mentors.

Recent achievements have included:

How did the pandemic affect your work?

COVID-19 made writing my PhD thesis very lonely and difficult. Contact with friends and being able to relax and “switch off” is very important when completing a long-term, stressful project.

Had I known how difficult it would be, I would have arranged to live with friends and created a better support network but it was difficult to assess what would happen during the pandemic.

What do you hope to further achieve in your field in the future?

I want to publish a first author publication on the subject of my PhD work. I would like to publish more articles on science and biology and grow ConductScience and expand our company.

My company is looking to interview scientists for our stories section. Essentially, we interview scientists at all career levels and ask them about their career journey. It's a great way to showcase your work and get more views - contact me at for more information.

What advice do you have for current students?

Stay organised, keep up-to-date with the curriculum as there is a lot of content. Take every opportunity at LSHTM, e.g. doing a master’s project at one of LSHTM’s partner universities.

LSHTM is the best university I have attended for quality of education and opportunity; cherish your time there.

Tell us about your #LSHTMemories.

I have particularly fond memories of getting a drink after classes in the pub down the street with my cohort and professors and eating lunch in St James’ park in the summer.

My most stand-out memory is looking up at my family during my graduation ceremony.