Book Launch: Glenn Geelhoed

Glenn Geelhoed (Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene, 1996) is a Professor of Surgery, International Medical Education, Microbiology, Immunology and Tropical Medicine, as well as the founder of Mission to Heal. He shares his inspiration behind the book Furthest Peoples First.
Glenn Geelhoed and Book cover

“My standout memory of LSHTM is the excellence of the instruction and the good friends I had met, who became lifelong associates around the world.

“Since graduating, I founded and continue as CEO and Board Chairman of Mission to Heal, an international NGO for medical education and the indigenisation of global health care. This role and teaching was my inspiration behind the book. I taught remote health caregivers in societies beyond globalisation schemes to enhance their health care and empower local learning.

“The book is a detailed account of our missions in the African transect. Readers will be confronted with the harsh medical realities around the world and will be challenged to envision new possibilities concerning the future of medicine.

“COVID-19 interrupted our mission due to travel bans and lockdowns, as the Units were grounded in Palissa (Uganda), Manila (The Philippines) and Cuenca (Ecuador).

“In the future, I hope there will be paired mobile surgical clinics on each continent and that they are used for continuing education in helping the local caregivers.”

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