Alumni Profile: Ramiro Gilardino

Ramiro Gilardino (MSc Global Health Policy, 2019) is a Managing Director and Partner of HE-Xperts Consulting LLC. Between 2016-2020 he held the Director of Consulting and Policy Strategy position at ISPOR the Professional Society of Health Economics and Outcomes Research. Between 2013-2016 he worked and consulted in the pharmaceutical industry. Here, he describes his achievements since leaving LSHTM, how he has connected with alumni and how COVID-19 has affected his work.
Ramiro Gilardino

“After my physician training and earning my Master’s in Healthcare Administration, I sought to gain knowledge in the global health policy arena, finding LSHTM the perfect match for this purpose. The degree complemented my career due to understanding that global health challenges and the governance mechanisms for their management were crucial to understanding how health systems can be improved and innovated, tackling these issues. For example, the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic effects in the global economy were hypothesised and analysed using the 2003 SARS epidemic.

“I think COVID-19 challenged how business is being done, and posed a need to reimagine the digital transformation of healthcare to improve people's lives. In the personal sphere, I joined a network of stakeholders interested in financing solutions and planning for the post-COVID-19 society. I also did some medical volunteer work during the peak. 

“Since graduating, I gained experience and recognition in the medical and health policy sphere. I work in several areas and on multiple projects involving market access, outcomes research, medical affairs, and global policy within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, as well as within international organisations, performing and coordinating research groups in health technology assessment policy, healthcare sustainability, and stakeholder involvement in healthcare decisions.

“I sustained an expert network dialogue to shape the decision-making process and healthcare sustainability. I participated in advising multilateral initiatives like the International Consortium on personalised medicine and the WHO Partnerships for Health (P4H) initiative. I'd really like to keep growing my career, creating a path in healthcare systems sustainability. 

“Both faculty and alumni at LSHTM were fruitful in enhancing my global health network, allowing exchange and collaboration opportunities. I keep in touch with some alumni, including others from different degrees; Vic Malek-Pascha (LSHTM MPH) and I started a couple of research projects together. I’d love to keep in touch with current and former Global Health Policy students. The current global situation makes it perfect to think about innovating global health for the future. 

“My advice for current students is to plan for the future, pursue your goals and your dreams!”


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