CureME Christmas Appeal


CureME is at the forefront of participatory epidemiological, clinical and laboratory research into ME/CFS in the UK. 

At this time, we are particularly keen to look at the biological effects of Long Covid and any similarities to ME/CFS, with the hope of discovering more about ME/CFS disease mechanisms to improve its diagnosis and treatment. We welcome donations from individuals/organisations to help us carry out this important work.

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The vision of the UKMEB is to drive clinical & biomedical research to improve the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of ME/CFS. We are keen to accelerate research into ME/CFS both in the UK and abroad, and this has led to the establishment of the UKs first ME/CFS Biobank (UKMEB) distributing biological samples and data to external researchers across the globe.

Biomedical research into ME/CFS has historically been underfunded, although financial support from the UK ME charities and a private donor together with our NIH funding enabled the CureME research team to launch the pioneering UK ME/CFS Biobank and to expand the recruitment of participants. We continue to be grateful for the ongoing support of the MEA and also for the amazing volunteers who raise funds for our studies. We recognise that much of this funding is given by patients and their families and friends.