Shahida Chowdhury

Shahida Chowdhury

Student | Full-time | United Kingdom

MPhil and PhD - Research Degrees

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Shahida Chowdhury

Educational/Professional Background

I completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences with Infection & Immunity, where I also spent the 3 years working with an NGO as a student volunteer Research & Development Coordinator and Project Coordinator to develop and maintain sustainable community-based projects abroad aimed at improving the health, education and welfare of vulnerable children. After graduating from the BSc, I went straight into studying the MSc Control of Infectious Diseases at LSHTM. Following my time there I decided to take a year out to build professional experience in the field of academia and industry, to place me in good stead to apply for a PhD. In September 2022, I began my PhD in Infectious Disease Epidemiology in the Faculty of Epidemiology & Population Health whilst still continuing to work in academia and industry. 

Research Interests or Career Goals

My research interests include all aspects of communicable disease epidemiology, from emerging infectious diseases, diagnostics, clinical trials, surveillance and control, outbreak pathogens and investigations, and vaccine design and epidemiology. I have a specific interest in arboviruses, particularly dengue fever and my current research is looking at health disparities in infectious diseases. 

As my research interests evolve, so do my ambitions. I envisage my PhD will help refine my choices. Currently, I envision a career that encompasses both academia as well as epidemiology and/or population health research. 

Why I chose LSHTM/My Programme

Initially, I had chosen to apply to LSHTM for its prestigious reputation in contributing to up-to-date research as demonstrated through COVID-19 and Ebola.  In addition, as I was a COVID cohort and therefore my MSc would be delivered largely online, it was reassuring to discover that LSHTM specialises in distance learning and already had a strong track record in delivering education remotely whilst other institutions were still adjusting.

I chose to continue my postgraduate education at LSHTM for a number of reasons: One being well aware of each institution’s capabilities in terms of delivery of quality education and facilities/resources at their disposal. But also, the school’s extensive network of collaborators and incredible international reputation which only became more apparent whilst studying there. Last but certainly not least, I was impressed by LSHTM's willingness to acknowledge students' concerns and implement necessary changes accordingly through their AMRAPS process.

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