Rita Quintero de Endico

Rita Quintero de Endico

Student | Full-time | Panama, France

MSc Public Health for Development

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Rita Quintero De Endico

Educational/professional background

I graduated from Loyola University - Bachelor degree in Psychology. Then I did a Master in Human Resources, a master in Educational Neuropsychology at UNIR – Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, Spain. In parallel I created an NGO in Panama, for helping on school learning.

Research interests or career goals

I am interested in the gaps between education and health. More specifically, I am interested in cognition diagnostics and treatments; in the frontier between disabilities and optimal productivity – which requires good sensory (vision, audition) and motor functioning for: individual learning, and for society sustainability and development.

Why I chose LSHTM/my programme

LSHTM’s reputation as being one of the best schools of public health, the network with organisations and globally leading NGOs, and the multidisciplinary approach were key factors to choose this school and the MSc Public Health for Development. I think though that an extra effort should be done for constantly searching and recruiting the latest health disciplines and specialities, in order to sharpen up public health and policies… I will be happy to help.

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