Ravi Reemaul

Student | Distance learning | Trinidad and Tobago

Global Health Policy by Distance Learning

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Ravi Reemaul

Educational/professional background 

I have a BSc Radiation Therapy (Trinidad and Tobago, Canada). Entering the field of Radiation Therapy allowed me to understand the nature of various types of cancers and how different types of treatments work with the use of modern technology but most importantly, being the patient's advocate during their treatment.

Currently, I am a Senior and Lead Radiation Therapist, a position which has allowed me the opportunity to grow and develop my professional and interpersonal skills through managing a healthcare clinic. I completed my MBA along with additional studies in Health and Safety, Project Management and Public Health workshops. 

Research interests or career goals 

As a healthcare professional, working in the field of Radiation Therapy and seeing daily cases of patients diagnosed with late-stage cancer, I would like to acquire a role in the development of better screening methods for early detection, especially in low- and middle-income countries.  

Why I chose LSHTM/my programme 

Selecting a university is of utmost importance as it will assist in the necessary requirements for the global world of work. I applied to LSHTM because it is one of the only universities where this MSc is offered with an in-depth critical framework, in addition to distance learning, which gives the flexibility for work/study/life balance. Also, with multiple nationalities, LSHTM will allow me to obtain a critical overview of the many perspectives at a global health level and hence I viewed this institution as one of the superlative universities.  

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