Meg Rawlins

Meg Rawlins

Student | United Kingdom

MSc One Health: ecosystems, humans and animals

Meg Rawlins

Educational/professional background

I completed my Bachelors of Veterinary Medicine from the Royal Veterinary College in 2019 and went straight into MSc One Health. During my undergraduate degree I completed a project on antimicrobial resistance with a One Health focus and did many non-clinical veterinary placements including spending time in various areas of the government focusing on policy. Between completing my undergraduate and beginning my MSc I also spent time writing literature reviews for an NGO focusing on animal welfare and socio-economic status, access to and use of veterinary and human health-care and health-care systems.

Research interests or career goals

My interests centre around epidemiology of zoonotic diseases and their impact on food production systems and livelihoods, and how new and emerging threats including climate change and migration are affecting these. I am also interested in veterinary and human health-care systems, and the role of economics, policy and governance within this.

Why I chose LSHTM/my course

I chose MSc One Health as it covers a wide range of topics and allows for skill development across a variety of areas; varying from infectious diseases to anthropology and economics. I knew that clinical practice was not the direction that I wanted to take my veterinary career, and One Health has always appealed to me. One Health is a field which is gaining more traction and increasing in visibility and I chose this MSc as I was confident it would give me the knowledge and ability to pursue a fulfilling career within this field. I enjoy that the course is offered by both the Royal Veterinary College and LSHTM as it has meant we have the expertise available from these two prestigious institutions. I especially wanted to study at LSHTM as I know it is a leading institution in global health which offers many opportunities and is a diverse and welcoming environment. I have absolutely loved my time so far at LSHTM and I am excited to see what the future holds for me!