Jennifer Whitehead

Jennifer Whitehead

Student | Full-time | United Kingdom, Canada

MSc Public Health – General stream

Jennifer Whitehead

Educational/professional background

I'm a Registered Nurse from Canada. I started off studying Biology, but after working in a lab, I decided that I wanted to work with patients. So I took an accelerated nursing course and ended up working in the Emergency Department of a busy urban hospital. This experience taught me the importance of the social determinants of health and sparked my interest in public health.

Research Interests or Career Goals

I'm interested in working in a public health related nursing role and/or doing research related to non-communicable diseases and mental health.

Why I chose LSHTM/my programme

I chose public health because it brings together the science I learned in my Biology degree and the clinical skills I gained as a nurse. I chose LSHTM in particular because I'm a dual citizen and wanted to return to England for a year.