Hannah Day

Hannah Day

Student | Part-time | United Kingdom, United States of America

MSc Public Health – Health Promotion stream

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Hannah Day

Educational / professional background

I started this MSc straight after my Bachelors: a BA in Global Public Health (with German minor) from the University of Virginia, 2019. In my final year, I conducted secondary research on young adult suicide in Inuit Nunangat, Canada. Currently, I’m an NHS Volunteer Responder, conducting phone calls with individuals at higher risk of loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research interests or career goals

I’m interested in ethics, disability, and mental health. I am drawn to the intersectionality of marginalised identities and experiences, and how these groups are often overlooked in intervention proposals aimed at the ‘general population’. I also have a particular interest in Arctic regions on topics of resilience and protective cultural factors. My aim is for a career in inclusive intervention development and implementation with an NGO – with a longer-term goal of a PhD in the anthropological side of public health.

Why I chose LSHTM/my programme

I chose LSHTM for three main reasons: academic quality, community, and reputation.

I’m impressed by the quality of courses and extra-curricular lectures from faculty at the forefront of research. With its interdisciplinary nature, the MSc Public Health will provide a strong foundation and stream specific education (in my case, Health Promotion).

The community fostered at LSHTM is exceptional. The atmosphere is one of openness and academic curiosity; I have constantly felt inspired and supported.

I can advise on the part-time (‘half-time’) student experience at LSHTM. I’m also happy to offer advice to any prospective students with disabilities or chronic illnesses. I have personal experience working with both Student Services for academic support, and with the Safety team for accessibility and wellbeing in the buildings.

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