Flora Ullah

Student | Full-time | United Kingdom, France

MSc Public Health - Health Services Management stream

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Elizabeth Zhang

Educational/professional background

Before this MSc, I undertook a BSc in Global Health at Queen Mary University of London. Professionally, I have worked as a public health researcher for Tower Hamlets Council and Healthwatch Tower Hamlets for the past two years. As a researcher, my work has focused on qualitative data collection on issues such as food poverty and COVID-19 using methods such as participatory appraisal and in-depth interviews. I have also undertaken a placement at The Lancet Global Health which exposed me to a different side of research than I am originally used to.   

Research interests or career goals

My main interests are in health systems research, environmental health, and infectious diseases control. I am mostly interested in roles in the public sector as such roles often allow me to work for the most vulnerable and marginalised groups of people in society.  

Why I chose LSHTM/my programme

Aside from LSHTM’s world-renowned status, the MSc Public Health at LSHTM is the most flexible in terms of module options compared to other programmes in London, which is clear from the six considerably different stream options students have a choice to choose from. Furthermore, I was keen on studying at LSHTM due to the incredibly diverse student body as this allows me to network with people across the globe and allows me to build a great network of connections which will surely benefit us all in our professional careers as public health professionals.  

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