Emmi Tilli

Student | Full-time | Finland

MSc Nutrition for Global Health

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Emmi Tilli

Educational/professional background

I completed my B.Sc. in Nutritional Science at the University of Helsinki in 2019. In my bachelor’s thesis, I examined preconception and prenatal vegan diet, and its health outcomes on both the mother and offspring.

Research interests or career goals

My interests lie within each end of the nutrition spectrum. During my bachelor’s studies, I developed an interest in preconception nutrition and epigenetic processes, and the health outcomes that may extend across generations. However, I am equally interested in understanding the social and environmental determinants of nutrition and health, especially through qualitative studies.

Why I chose LSHTM/my programme

I found that the MSc Nutrition for Global Health combined my widespread interest within one programme, and would help develop the skills needed in global public health nutrition work. Finally, it was the overall global focus of LSHTM and its close-knit community striving for a common goal that made me choose LSHTM.

As well as the programme, I'm happy to advise on studying with English as a second language.

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